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Peru Culture Week

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Peru Culture Week

You will be introduced to the traditions of Peru, immersing yourself in the local culture and lifestyle, by exploring the highlights of the area, trying Peruvian dishes and learning the local customs.

Prices from US$895

Staying in the coastal town of Pimentel, in the Chiclayo region of Peru, you will get the chance to fully immerse yourself and embrace in the Latin American culture. Our Culture Week will prepare you for your stay in Chiclayo by giving you a brief insight into the country’s background, customs, language, culture, and history, as well as the opportunity to learn some Spanish. Moreover, you will enjoy some of the must-see attractions in the area and get the chance to meet and bond with fellow participants.


  • Staying within walking distance to the beach  
  • Learn about the heratige and customs of the region
  • Opportunites to immerse yourself in the local culture and environment
  • Be introduced to Pimentel, Chiclayo and its surroundings by visiting the main sights some of the most breath-taking attractions
  • Learn some Spanish or improve what you already know
  • Plenty of free time to explore and make your own adventure


  • Applicants must be aged 18 or over
  • Bring a notebook and a few pens for the Spanish class


Location Chiclayo, Peru

Learn Spanish 
Understand Peruvian culture and heritage
Experience Peru

Transport Airport pick-up
Accommodation Homestay or shared volunteer house


Before you go Pre-departure support 
Travel advice & documentation
Equipment advice
Discounted medical kit
Free Frontier t-shirt
In-country Airport pick-up & drop-off
Local orientation 
Project training
In-country emergency support
24-hour international HQ back-up


A variety of qualifications are available on many of our projects. For example, BTEC certificates and diplomas on our Group conservation projects and TEFL certificates and BTECs on most of our teaching projects. You may also be able to gain a CoPE to support your university application. For more information on these qualifications, please see the qualifications section of our website or ask your volunteer advisor.


This program welcomes you to the contemporary and ancient Peruvian culture and teaches you how to behave when interacting with locals. Furthermore, it introduces you to Pimentel, Chiclayo and its surroundings by visiting the main sights.



In the morning, you’ll take a city tour around Chiclayo and visit the city center. You will get to see the Plazuela, Parque Principal de Chiclayo, and Santa Maria Cathedral. You will also get the chance to visit one of the biggest local markets in Chiclayo, where you can find daily goods as well as unique items such as herbs, macas and other handmade goods to take back home.

In the afternoon, you will take part in the orientation seminar to give you some safety advice, address all  questions and provide travel tips and first-hand information about Peru and its culture. Afterwards, you will take a Spanish crash course with useful expressions and enjoy a quick  walk through Pimentel. Afterwards, it will be time to go to the beach and enjoy the last few rays of sun!


You will take an excursion to the Pomac Forest, which boasts diverse natural and cultural attractions spread throughout its almost 6,000 hectares, as well as a beautiful wooded area in the midst of a tropical Pacific desert, various of wildlife and numerous bird species. You can search for some unique species such as millennial trees that local healers still use for mystic rituals and experience the view of complex of Peruvian pyramids, in which archaeologists have found an incredible amount of golden artifacts.


In the morning, you will visit a local market and purchase ingredients for a cooking class. Later on, you will learn how to prepare traditional Peruvian food together with a local cook.

In the afternoon, you will visit Lambayeque city and the modern Tumbas Reales Museum, which is considered to be one of the best museums in Latin America because it exhibits one of the most important gold treasure discoveries in ancient Peru and the world. While here, you will see amazing artefacts of gold, silver, precious stones and other metals.


A visit to Tucume will be the first thing to cross off your schedule. Tacume was once the grand capital of the Sican culture and today the biggest pyramid complex in the world. After visiting the museum of Tecume, you will trek for about two hours to the top of mountain, where you can overlook the 26 pyramids that make up the site.


In the morning, you will go to a farm where there are about 250 emus, 50 avestruces (ostriches), and a suri (an endangered species of alpaca). Additionally, you will see some artworks made out of emu and ostrich eggs. An interesting animal that you will find in the farm is a massive avestruz that weighs about 180 kilos and is 2.8 meters tall. An experience you will not soon forget!

In the afternoon, you will visit a marine institute, where you will learn about the Peruvian sea and its resources, especially the fisheries. You will get the chance to see a variety of marine life, including penguins! Afterwards, you will enjoy the sunset at the beach.


Arrive at Chiclayo (CIX) Airport between 6am and 8pm on the Sunday and you will be met by local staff and taken to the project site.


Either in the standard residence or in homestay with a local family:

Standard Residence:

The location is close Chiclayo were there are several houses close to the beach and close to the school (walking distance 1-10 minutes), where students and participants can live. Standard is higher than average Peruvian standard, but please consider that Peru is still a third world country. Power outages or internet failures are not unusual.

Each house has space for 8-30 participants. Rooms are spacious and completely furnished with a table, a chair, a dresser/wardrobe, a mirror and a lockable box or drawer to lock in valuables. We provide bed linen. All houses have several shared bathrooms, a shared kitchen equipped with all necessary cooking utensils and a shared fridge. There common are eating areas as well as roof top terraces with hammocks to relax after a long day.

All common facilities are cleaned at least once per week, usually way more often, depending on need. Rooms are to be cleaned by the participants themselves, we provide cleaning equipment.


It is also possible to accommodate in a homestay with a local family, experiencing the Peruvian lifestyle and culture. Especially if you want/need to achieve a high Spanish level, this gives you more chance to practice.

The host families are carefully researched and have experience in offering great service to all our students. They receive you and treat you as a member of their family. All of the host families are conveniently located in quiet and safe areas and have a comfortable, over average standard of living. All host families offer Wifi, some give you access to a washing machine. Some families also offer private bathrooms.

On your first day of work, either your host family will accompany you or a coordinator will pick you up at your house.


All meals are included, even on weekends, and are usually typical Peruvian dishes.

Standard Residence - Monday to Friday all meals are included, served at our school. Saturday and Sunday brunch and dinner is provided. Vegetarian/vegan food options are available.

Homestay - All meals are included, even on weekends.

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Pimentel itself is relatively small and calm, but there are plenty of small restaurants and shops around the area. There are multiple opportunities to experience the Peruvian cluture, lifestyle and environment and to make lots of friends, with activities including salsa or capoeira dancing, sports activities, bbq party and city tours.  There are also numerous short, full day or even weekend trips, for those adventurous travellers! 


1 week US$895

2 weeks US$1,295

3 weeks US$1,745

4 weeks US$2,245


The project starts weekly on Mondays. Please aim to arrive on the Sunday prior.


1 week 


Before you go

  • Pre-departure support
  • Travel advice & documentation
  • Equipment advice
  • Discounted medical kit
  • Free Frontier t-shirt


  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Airport pick-up
  • Local orientation
  • Project training
  • In-country emergency support
  • 24-hour international HQ back-up


Nearest airport(s): Chiclayo (CIX), Cap. FAP José A. Quiñones González Int. Airport (CIX)


  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Insurance

For detailed information on flights, visas and insurance, click here.


Please read our legal statement regarding the running of NGO projects.

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