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Teaching Buddhist Novice Monks in Laos

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Teaching Buddhist Novice Monks in Laos

Help Buddhist Monks gain valuable English skills as you teach in the beautiful undiscovered country of Laos.

Prices from US$1,645

The beautiful landlocked country of Laos, home to the mysterious Plain of Jars and Four Thousand Islands, is the one of the hidden gems in Asia. Nestled between Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, little is known about this mysterious land with its complex culture consisting of 49 official ethnic groups and its stunning mountainous terrain. Laos is relatively untouched by tourism and offers pristine, unharmed environments and quite possibly some of the most chilled-out communities in the world. Traditions remain largely unchanged from centuries ago and even in the capital Vientiane where a relaxed and calm atmosphere prevails.

Buddhist Monks reign over the many temples Laos has to offer, and most of them do not speak English. The Frontier-Laos teaching project offers you the perfect opportunity to explore the beauty and tranquillity of Laos whilst making your impact on the community by teaching these holy men English. Many Laotian boys choose to devote their lives to worship, and in doing so they access a valuable education. Temples have the possibility of enriching the lives of monks but struggle as English speaking teachers are few and far between, so your dedicated skills and time will be truly cherished.

Not only will you spend time teaching, you will also have the rare opportunity to work closely with novice monks in a temple school. You will be immerged in Lao culture, history, food, religion and languagewith the chance of visiting local sights as well as enjoy a weekend break on the banks of the Mekong River, and bring home memories for life!



  • Immerse yourself in Laotian culture and cuisine
  • Explore and experience new opportunities
  • Make lifelong friends
  • Unleash your creativity as you teach
  • Help monks gain skills needed to speak English confidently


  • CRB check
  • Minimum age of 18


Location Luang Prabang, Laos
Activities Teach English
Mark Work
Set Homework
Plan Lessons
Transport Airport pickup
Accommodation Centrally Situated Guesthouse, Basic but Comfortable


Before you go Pre-departure support and documentation
Travel & medical advice & documentation
Equipment & visa advice
Discounted medical kit
Free Frontier t-shirt
In-country Airport pickup
Food Allowance
Transfers to the beach camp  (for first Monday of the month arrivals)
Local orientation
24-hour international HQ back-up
In-country emergency support


A variety of qualifications are available on many of our projects. For example, BTEC certificates and diplomas on our Group conservation projects and TEFL certificates and BTECs on most of our teaching projects. You may also be able to gain a CoPE to support your university application. For more information on these qualifications, please see the qualifications section of our website or ask your volunteer advisor.


This project gives you the chance to teach English in an idyllic setting, famous for its Buddhist temples and monasteries with the Mekong River not far away. In temples here, monks receive not only spiritual guidance but also an invaluable chance at education. Many monks desire to improve their English skills enabling them to access more opportunities and bring a higher quality of life for their families. Monastic teachers struggle to provide the attention their students need due to large class sizes, so English speaking volunteers are highly sought after and your presence will be gratefully received by monks and fellow teachers alike.


You will be placed with a group of novice Buddhist monks and will promote both conversational English as well as a wide range of different practical skills. You will be able to help them with their vocabulary, reading and writing as well as practice speaking confidently. Here is your opportunity to be creative and think of interesting games and activities to engage and inspire the monks in a fun way. With the support of staff you will gain excellent teaching skills by getting involved in all aspects of daily classroom life such as planning, marking, or assisting pre-planned lessons. Either way your time and commitment will give the monks the attention they need to fully develop their English skills.

Your teaching week will be Monday to Friday giving you the weekend free to explore Asia’s hidden gem further. Check out the extras page for ideas about what you could get up to in your free time!


If you arrive on the Friday before your project start date you will be met upon arrival at Luang Prabang International Airport by a friendly member of staff who will escort you to the pre-program accommodation where you will stay the night before moving on to the project site the morning after.


You will be staying at a comfortable guesthouse in the centre of the ancient city of Luang Prabang. This is a beautiful and unique setting where South East Asian and French Colonial Architecture collide, making a magnificent and enchanting location for you to call home for the duration of your stay. You will be placed in basic shared dorms with a fan, running hot and cold water and western style bathrooms.


You will receive a weekly food allowance for basic meals. The guesthouse provides a simpler menu and the local markets and street vendors provide a wide variety of local delicacies to try out. A simple, traditional Loatian meal may cost as little as US$ 2 and a western style upmarket dinner might cost around US$ 10. Laotian dishes consist mainly of rice, noodles and vegetables and are highly influenced by Thai and Vietnamese dishes. You should take the opportunity to sample Khao Piak Sen (beef or chicken in a broth with fresh herbs and rice noodles), Khao Jee (baguette filled with either pork liver, Vietnamese pork sausage or shredded carrot and radish) and Tam Mak Hoong (spicy green papaya salad).

Ten Most Recent Reviews for This Project

Laos is a relatively undiscovered part of the world with hidden wonders that you should take the opportunity to get involved in. Why not take a trip to the East of Luang Prabang to Phonsavan and explore the mysterious Plain of Jars. Giant stone jars are scattered over the area surrounded by speculation and myths as to how they appeared - why not visit the ancient site yourself to see if you can come up with a possible explanation!

You could also explore the archipelago of Si Phan Don, meaning four thousand islands. Here many travellers have been captivated by its beauty and stayed longer than planned, once you experience its laid-back atmosphere (even by Laos standards) it’s easy to understand why. As time swings by ever so slowly on these tiny islands why not cycle, swim or kayak through its peaceful communities and enchanting nature.

You could also get your hiking boots on and explore the lush forested mountains in the north of the country, check out the gothic limestone karsts of Vang Vieng, or venture further sound and experience the chilled lifestyle in the capital city of Vientiane. As little is known about this intriguing country you could even explore the undiscovered and venture into the unknown.

Many volunteers take the opportunity to explore Asia further after the project with the new friends they made whilst in Laos. Experienced field staff will be available and happy to provide help with post-project planning.


2 weeks US$1,645

4 weeks US$2,045

6 weeks US$2,495

8 weeks US$2,895

10 weeks US$3,345

12 weeks US$3,745

16 weeks US$4,595

20 weeks US$5,445

24 weeks US$6,295


Biweekly, please arrive on the Friday before your project begins on the Saturday in order to be picked up from the airport.


Duration 2 – 24 weeks


2019 Start Dates

January 12th, 26th

February 9th, 23rd

March 9th, 23rd

April 6th, 20th

May 4th, 18th

June 1st, 15th, 29th

July 13th, 27th

August 10th, 24th

September 7th, 21st

October 5th, 19th

November 2nd, 16th, 30th

December 14th, 28th


Nearest airport(s): Luang Prabang (LPQ)


  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Insurance

For detailed information on flights, visas and insurance, click here.


Please read our legal statement regarding the running of NGO projects.

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