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Madagascar Community Adventure

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Madagascar Community Adventure

Help contribute to providing an improved quality of life for local people living in such an underprivileged yet beautiful area.

Prices from US$295

A magical landscape punctuated by forest canopies filled with unknown species and unique creatures, such as the minute mouse lemur with its round lamp like eyes, skimming kingfishers catching tiny fish from the limpid forest pools and the curiously coloured tenrec, among thousands of other endemic animals. All surrounded by an ocean that teems with an abundance of marine life, providing the perfect environment to discover diving under the glorious warmth of the Madagascan sunshine. Here you fill find hospitable communities whose culture evokes the exotic aura of Africa but with a distinctly French European flavour.

All this and more is waiting to be discovered within this unique island located in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. With this project you will experience the best that Madagascar has to offer, with an unforgettable teaching experience in an enriching community and the chance to work in a Malagasy healthcare clinic, as well as to help to develop the social and academic skills of vulnerable children. Join this project for a varied and exhilarating journey through this most tempting of travel destinations!

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  • Discover intriguing and beautiful Madagascar, experiencing the culture and meeting the people first hand and in a stimulating variety of settings
  • Live in the volunteer house located in central Hellville
  • Make lifelong friends with your team mates and co workers


  • Intermediate to advanced level of French
  • Up to date CV
  • Criminal background check (DBS)





Aid professional teachers in delivering lessons and pastoral care to children aged 2 to 4
Teach English to students from a broad range of backgrounds aged from 5 to 25
Plan and implement extra curricular activities
Work on infrastructure developments around Hellville


Airport pickup weekly on a Monday. Alternative start dates possible, additional £50 applies for pickup, please speak to an adviser
Internal ground transfers weekly on a Monday


 Shared communal accommodation in the volunteer house in Hellville


Before you go Pre-departure support
Travel & medical advice & documentation
Equipment advice
Discounted medical kit
Free Frontier t-shirt (UK residents only)
FREE Frontier TEFL certificate
Airport pickup weekly on a Monday. Alternative start date possible, additional US$85 applies for pickup, please speak to an adviser
Internal ground transfers weekly on a Monday
Local orientation and training
In-country emergency support
24-hour international HQ back-up


A variety of qualifications are available on many of our projects. For example, BTEC certificates and diplomas on our Group conservation projects and TEFL certificates and BTECs on most of our teaching projects. You may also be able to gain a CoPE to support your university application. For more information on these qualifications, please see the qualifications section of our website or ask your volunteer advisor.


lack of foreign language teachers (mgt)

The majority of primary school age children and 36% of secondary school age children attend school. However, schools are severely under funded and there is an unequal distribution of educational resources across the country, with poor and rural communities often only able to attend seriously disadvantaged public schools.

The vast majority of the population speaks only Malagasy and there is a lack of foreign language teachers. Your help can give children and adults a sense of confidence, encourage their enthusiasm and ambition and even improve their opportunities for the future. To teach, you will need to be patient, flexible and a confident communicator and able to use your initiative and imagination. It would be helpful to have beginner's level French, but you will have plenty of opportunities to learn! Lessons will be fun and interactive, developing the pupil's confidence and conversational skills.

Students will be interested in life where you come from and you may also be able to get involved teaching other activities, such as sports, music or science, if you are interested and have the relevant skills. There will also be the possibility of working with our field conservation programmes to arrange collaborations for environmental education.

caring for children aged 2 to 4 (mcc)

Our partner pre primary school is located right in the heart of bustling Hellville, right next to the town’s central market and just a fifteen minute walk from our volunteer house. While working at the school you will be providing much needed teaching support to the professionals currently at the school, helping to manage the class and deliver fun and interactive lessons. Through song and dance you will also introduce the children to the English language, which in tourism orientated Nosy Be is a skill that will help them and their families prosper in the future.

This project aims to provide much needed support to families and children by providing a safe and fun environment for children to spend their days, allowing them to benefit from vital academic development.

The school and care centre that you will be working in provides a vital lifeline for parents seeking education for their children, as well as a helping hand to young parents and single mothers who are able to return to work to earn money for the family. You can help give local children the chance of an education and provide them with the confidence boost and attention that they so desperately crave.

construction (mct)

Some of the most important work that needs to be done in local Malagasy communities is setting up basic infrastructure. The project will help to improve the infrastructure and quality of educational facilities in Madagascar. Brighter classrooms, up cycled classroom facilities and wall displays help to promote a positive, inspiring and pleasant working environment for the school children and teachers.

This project often helps with improvements that are needed in our partner institutions and exact tasks and work at any given time is always led by the school staff and students.

sports coaching (mgs)

Many young people lack the opportunity to play sport in a well structured environment. This project aims to bridge this gap and offer young people from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to benefit from structured sports training. Working closely with local schools and sports clubs, this project strives to identify Madagascar’s next generation of top sportsmen and women.

Under the leadership of local staff, you will usually work five days a week coaching children of primary and secondary school age (5-16). You will normally work with children who are from disadvantaged backgrounds and you will become so much more than just a coach to them. As their mentor and role model, you will lead them on a sports training programme, as well as teaching parts of a life skills curriculum designed to be both enjoyable and educational.

healthcare in the community (mgr)

Madagascar’s socio-economic demographic is changing fast. It is clear that the healthcare industry needs to change with it and have a clear plan to address the negative effects of urbanisation and modernisation. At the same time the cost of healthcare and medical treatment is becoming increasingly expensive and is often unaffordable for the wider community, where dietary problems are widespread and the most vulnerable suffer as a consequence.

This is a fantastic opportunity for volunteers to come to experience local healthcare provision in Madagascar.

Volunteers' activities will depend on their qualifications and experience, as well as those of the local staff working at the project sites at time of placement. With all placements we will endeavour to accommodate your own previous work experience, interests and skills while taking into account the changing needs and priorities of the healthcare organisation to which you are attached. Their priorities range from nutrition, health and fitness to general health check-ups. You may find yourself working, assisting or observing in various areas at our project sites. This could include helping with the education and training of wellness officers, health and disease screening, raising health and nutrition awareness through talks and presentations or taking part in local community outreach services. While working at the Centre Stella Maria your work will be focused on the education and rehabilitation of young children aged between 2 and 15 who are recovering from corrective surgery for serious physical handicaps. Volunteers are asked to remain flexible and use their initiative in order to get the most out of this placement.


Your work schedule will cover a comprehensive, varied and enjoyable teaching, childcare, construction, sports coaching or healthcare programme across our locations in Hellville.

This is a specimen itinerary for a 6 week project and you will be able to choose 3 project components to take part in. The order and duration of the project components is subject to change. The 6, 9 and 12 week project option will mean more time on each project component. 

The 2 week project option allows you to take part in 2 projects, each for 1 week.

Itinerary (42 day project)

Day 1-15 Teaching Phase
Arrive in Nosy Be and receive orientation and briefing by the Frontier staff.

You will be teaching English language in our three project sites at a primary school, youth club or village school. Your work schedule will cover a comprehensive, varied and enjoyable teaching programme which will engage you fully with your pupils and will awaken your creativity and initiative.

You may be involved with marking pupil's work and producing an inspiring teaching strategy, including preparing homework and assembling innovative and effective lesson plans. You may even have the opportunity to plan your own lessons and be responsible for your own class.

As well as this you will have the opportunity to help with lots of extra curricular activities which will vary extensively depending on your personal skills and interests, whether it be helping organise a school show, playing football with the super competitive and highly skilled local kids or taking part in the local community's own initiatives.

During this phase volunteers will have the choice either to focus their time teaching English language or coaching sports in our partner institutions.

Day 16-26 Childcare Phase

You will be working in our partner pre primary in Hellville, supporting nursery children in a crucial stage of their educational development. You will help lay the foundations of these children’s future success by encouraging and supporting their personal development and helping to deliver and reinforce a broad education.

You will be asked to help with a variety of tasks and activities during your time on the project, many of which may change on a daily basis depending on the needs and demands of the children in your care.

For the younger children, you will focus on their physical and social development, primarily helping them learn through play. Activities will most likely revolve around arts and crafts, music, drama and storytelling. Playing games, both inside and outside, is the perfect opportunity to get to know the children you’ll be working with and is a great way to teach English in an informal but effective way.

Work with the older children will concentrate more on their literacy and numeracy skills. This aspect is vitally important to ensure that they are at a suitable level to continue through the higher levels of schooling. You may take part in formal classes, where you’ll take on the role of teaching assistant, or you may work with a small group on your own cementing information previously taught in class.

Day 27-41 Construction Phase

You don’t need any previous building experience, though you should be physically fit and willing to work hard in order to take part in this project.

Whilst on your placement, you will contribute to a number of on oing projects aimed at improving the local educational infrastructure. Such projects may include the painting of walls or murals, improving classrooms and playground facilities or sanitation and waste management facilities.

You will be working from Monday to Thursday in a small team of like minded individuals. The day to day work programme will vary according to the time of your visit and the stage of the improvement work. Whatever your contribution, you are sure to find this project incredibly rewarding when you see the progress the project has made. The programme also gives you the opportunity to meet the communities you are working in during your free time, exploring the country whilst getting to know the people.

The people you are helping will be hard working and appreciative of your contribution to their community and will be incredibly responsive to your presence on the project. Although the work may occasionally be arduous, it will be rewarding and fulfilling, giving you an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to make a real difference!

Whatever you decide, you are sure to gain huge satisfaction from inspiring these communities, whilst significantly enhancing your own skills and experience.

Day 42 Travel to the airport and prepare for departure

You will be dropped off at the airport in time for your return flight.

If you are joining the project for a 21 day period, you will spend 5 days teaching, 5 days working on childcare and 5 days working in construction. All other details remain the same as the 42 day project.

You'll find your team to be a fun, dynamic mix of ages and experiences, with members who all share a passion about travelling in developing countries, but with a purpose, namely doing something which is worthwhile.


Volunteers arriving weekly on a Monday will be welcomed by a Frontier representative at Nosy Be airport. From here it's a short taxi or minibus ride from the airport to the centre of the vibrant town of Hellville and to your accommodation at the volunteer house.

Independent travellers arriving on dates other than weekly on a Monday can arrange a separate airport collection at the extra cost of US$85 by contacting your volunteer coordinator. 



During the project you'll live in a wonderfully located volunteer house in the centre of Hellville, where you will enjoy a unique and memorable living experience. The house is approximately a ten minute walk from the local primary school where we base the majority of our work and has all of the principal amenities one would expect from such a setup – equipped kitchen, flushing toilet and running water shower! House life is however very simple, unsophisticated and fun and will give you as much as you are prepared to put into it. The ‘community’ feel of the house is excellent and you will be made to feel right at home.



You will be provided with 3 simple and nutritious meals a day, which will consist largely of locally sourced fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, rice, beans and noodles, most of which is purchased from the nearby market and thereby helps to support the local economy. Luxuries such as chocolate, peanut butter and Nutella are available in the town, so can be accessed if you wish to treat yourself every once in a while!

Part of your role in the volunteer house will be to help with the cooking. Creating spectacular meals over our marvellous gas stoves will become second nature, so get your cookbooks out now and start thinking up recipes!

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1 week US$545

2 weeks US$695

3 weeks US$945

4 weeks US$1,295

5 weeks US$1,645

6 weeks US$1,895

7 weeks US$2,145

8 weeks US$2,395

10 weeks US$2,845

20 weeks US$4,945

Extra week US$295

Christmas week US$295

Placements starting on the 21st or 28th of December 2020 are eligible for this price, subject to availability. Please apply using the orange button below and then tell your volunteer advisor that you wish to take part over Christmas.


Nearest airport(s): Nossi-Be (NOS)


  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Insurance

For detailed information on flights, visas and insurance, click here.


Please read our legal statement regarding the running of NGO projects.

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