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Honduras Spanish School and Teaching placement

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Honduras Spanish School and Teaching placement

Explore the Latino culture of this intriguing destination, learning Spanish and teaching English to fully immerse yourself in these vibrant local communities.

Prices from US$1,745

Enjoy learning one of the world's most widely spoken, and therefore valuable, languages whilst integrating yourself into the daily rhythm of life in Honduras. In one of the country's leading educational centres you will experience the true culture and community life of this enchanting country. Give something back to your host community by combining your Spanish lessons with teaching English. Add a touch of spice to your project by using your spare time to explore the spellbinding landscapes and natural wonders of this fascinating country. Enjoy adventure sports like scuba diving, horseback riding, trekking, relax on the spotless white sand beaches and make friends in your new home.


  • Experience the true culture & community life of Honduras
  • Explore Honduras in all its glory
  • Make lifelong friends


  • Minimum age of 18 years


Location La Ceiba, Honduras
Activities Spanish classes
Explore the Cortes region
Transport Airport pick-up 
Short walk to work placement
Accommodation Homestay 


Before you go Pre-departure support
Travel & medical advice & documentation
Equipment advice
Discounted medical kit
Free Frontier t-shirt
In-country Food
Airport pick-up 
Ground transfers & in-transit accommodation
Local orientation and training 
In-country emergency support
24-hour international HQ back-up
Language tuition



A variety of qualifications are available on many of our projects. For example, BTEC certificates and diplomas on our Group conservation projects and TEFL certificates and BTECs on most of our teaching projects. You may also be able to gain a CoPE to support your university application. For more information on these qualifications, please see the qualifications section of our website or ask your volunteer advisor.


If you speak Spanish you can communicate with 500 million people in the world! Whether you want to improve your career prospects, make travel easier, or want access to the countless masterpieces that have been written in Spanish, then Frontier's Spanish language immersion programme is right for you.

Spanish is the world's third most spoken language, after Chinese and English, and ranks second in terms of native speakers. At the end of the 19th Century, 60 million people were Spanish speakers. Today, nearly 500 million people across the world speak Spanish. Indeed, Spanish is the second most used language in international communication, and is an official language of the UN and its organisations.

Not only does this project provide you with the opportunity to develop your Spanish skills, but you will also be able to make your own contribution to the local community and the future prospects of the young generation, teaching English and other subjects in which you have experience and interest. The concept of a mutually beneficial placement is innovative and you will be sure to see the appreciation in the faces of the community that will quickly become your home.


Starting early in the morning you will begin your days by teaching an eager class of children, using your enthusiasm and creativity when following the curriculum provided for subjects involved, which could be teaching English and sports. In the afternoon you will move on to your Spanish classes, picking up on colloquialisms whilst mastering your pronunciation. In class exercises, reading, writing, and grammar will all be covered, ensuring that you master the fundamentals before moving on to more complex subjects as your confidence grows. An evening of practise over a home-cooked meal will revitalise you and prepare you to start a new day of teaching, using your new skills to impress your students.


There are two options for arriving into Honduras, either to fly into San Pedro Sula or direct to La Ceiba. If you fly into La Ceiba you will be collected from the airport by a friendly local staff member, who will then escort you to your home in La Ceiba, a port town on the north coast of Honduras, where you will live for the duration of your stay.  If you are arriving into San Pedro Sula you will then make your way to La Ceiba via bus, detailed instructions for which will be provided prior to your departure.  If you choose the San Pedro Sula option please aim to arrive no later than 2pm in order to make the last bus. During your placement you will be no more than 10 blocks walking distance from your home to the school every morning and afternoon, giving you the chance to soak up the sun and explore the local environment. 


You will be staying with a friendly Honduran host family, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the culture and language of Honduras as you will be living just like a local! You will have a private room and bathroom facilities will be available. Your host family will be welcoming and friendly and will try to make you feel like a member of the family.


You will be provided with three meals a day. These meals will be typical Honduran dishes consisting of beans, rice, tortillas, meat, cheese and eggs. Food can also be obtained at local supermarkets. Sample some of the country's local food such as meaty tortillas, fried beans, and papaya.


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Honduras offers a host of adventure and cultural experiences for you to enjoy in your spare time. Possible extra activities include hiking, horse riding, snorkelling, trekking, rainforest expeditions, and scuba diving. It is also possible to add a teaching project to your language experience. Travel to the Lagoon of Cocoa to see monkeys and bird species.


You'll study at a top language academy located in the exciting port city of La Ceiba. There, you'll be immersed in a rigorous programme taught by language professionals with more than ten years of experience. Whatever your level of Spanish – whether you're a complete novice or are already near fluent – we have something to offer you.

You'll receive a certificate upon graduation from your academy, confirming your participation in the course – a fantastic addition to any CV which will help make it shine out in a competitive marketplace.

In addition to your Spanish qualification you will have the opportunity to complete a Teaching English as a Foreign Language qualification. These qualifications will be a fantastic reflection of the range of work you will have been involved with in Honduras.


4 weeks US$1,745

Extra week US$345



This project is not available during following dates:

January 1st

April 13th and 14th 

May 1st

September 15

December 24th, 25th and 31st


4 weeks & longer


Before you go

  • Pre-departure support & documentation
  • Travel & medical advice & documentation
  • Equipment advice
  • Discounted medical kit
  • Free Frontier t-shirt


  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Airport pick-up 
  • Ground transfers & in-transit accommodation
  • Local orientation
  • Project training
  • In-country emergency support
  • 24-hour international HQ back-up
  • Language tuition


Nearest airport(s): San Pedro Sula (SAP), La Ceiba (LCE)


  • Flights
  • Visas
  • Insurance

For detailed information on flights, visas and insurance, click here.


Please read our legal statement regarding the running of NGO projects.

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