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Gap Year Volunteer Programs

Gap Year Volunteer Programs - Combining Experience, Skills, And Adventure

Gap year volunteer programs are an excellent way to spend a year after you finish your school education. Often at eighteen, individuals are still unsure of what direction they want to follow in terms of career choice, ambitions and goals. Gap year volunteering provides new opportunities and experiences that can help you decide what is right for you in the future. They can also give you the adventure you seek before settling back into studying or entering the work of work. More than that, they are a chance to have fun, meet new people and give something back to the world.

Why Volunteer Abroad With A Recognised Provider?

There is nothing new about taking a gap year. Students often take a year out before entering University, or between University and starting work. It is a chance to broaden your horizons, learn new skills, gain new experiences and encounter new people. The benefits of travelling and volunteering during gap year are endless. However, while gap year students would once travel the world alone, more and more are looking for safer and more structured ways to explore the world and make a valuable contribution. One of the reasons for this is safety. With areas of conflict spread across the globe, it can be difficult to keep up with current travel advice, particularly if you are backpacking alone. If you organise your trek with a recognised company offering gap year volunteer programs, they do the research for you. They also have support teams available, so if the situation changes, you can be made aware and the right actions taken. Organisation in general is another reason why students choose to work through recognised companies. It can be difficult enough planning the travelling, without needing to organise your own accommodation, food and volunteering experiences. When you work with a company that offers the best gap year volunteer programs, the experience and activities are organised as part of the package. This does not mean you have no free time or opportunities to follow your own interests, but it does mean that the basics are all in place, so you can focus on the important aspects of your trip.

What Do You Gain From Gap Year Wildlife Volunteering?

There are of course many different types of volunteering experiences that you can take part in as part of a gap year. They vary in terms of the type of projects you become involved in; the country in which they take place; the length of time you are there; and of course, in terms of how much they cost. However, one type of opportunity that is very popular is gap year wildlife volunteering. Wildlife volunteering can take many forms from animal welfare and penguin conservation to primate conversation and looking after elephants. One of the main things you gain from these and other wildlife experiences is a greater understanding of the animals you are working with or whose habitats you are supporting. You also gain knowledge of the importance of the animals and their habitats to the local, national and international eco-systems. Additionally, you gain other transferable skills from a gap year volunteering with animals that can help you in many other aspects of your life. These could include team work, communication, conflict management, problem solving and effective decision making. It is this range of skills and experiences that make wildlife volunteer opportunities suitable for a whole host of individuals, and not just those looking to work with animals in the future. Of course, if wildlife volunteering is not for you, then there are many other ways to gain transferable skills and enjoy amazing experiences. Other projects focus on general conservation, construction work, teaching and working with underprivileged children.

Finding The Best Provider Of Gap Year Volunteer Programs Abroad

As well as finding the right volunteering experience, it is important that you choose the right provider. There are many different aspects that might affect the company that you choose. Here, we cover some of the major considerations. First, look for an established company with experience in providing the type of gap year volunteer programs that you are looking for. They should be able to provide examples of previous projects that gap year students have participated in. Check for a company number and registered address. This allows you to research the company and ensure they are exactly who they say they are. Spend some time on the company website and note how well organised the different opportunities and experiences are. How much information is provided? Is there training before you go? What happens when you are in country? Is there ongoing support throughout your experience? Additionally, confirm aspects such as flights, visas, inoculations etc. Is the company upfront about what you need and what you need to do? Take the same approach to the costs involved. If any of this information is unclear, then contact the company before signing up. This is a great way to also judge how committed their customer service team is. Finally, don’t forget to look for testimonials and reviews from previous gap year students. What were their experiences of the projects they were involved in? One company that provides all the information you need for gap year volunteer programs abroad and is always happy to answer any questions you may have, is Frontier.

Why Frontier Should Be Your First Choice For Gap Year Volunteer Programs

If you are looking to expand your skills and experience through gap year volunteer programs, then look no further than Frontier. Established in 1989, we are a non-profit conservation and development N.G.O. dedicated to providing the very best in gap year experiences. You can learn more about us, our mission and our achievements to date on our website at https://frontier.ac.uk/. Here, you can also view all the volunteering opportunities we currently have and read testimonials from previous participants. For more information, contact one of the team on 020 7613 2422 or by email at info@frontier.ac.uk.