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Meet our volunteers

Hear about our projects from our volunteers themselves with Volunteer Stories. Our volunteers come from all over the world and work together with those in-country as an international community with a global impact working to overcome challenges and build a sustainable future.

Volunteers' ages range from 16 to 82 and come from all walks of life. Some might be taking a gap year or career break whilst others are encompassing volunteering into a shorter holiday, all of them are looking for a unique experience and the chance to make their travel meaningful. Since 1989 we've had over 20,000 individuals participate in our projects and we continue to send over 1,000 volunteers away each year.


See what our volunteers have to say:




"I think the benefit of being out there with Frontier was that we were able to see wildlife on a much closer scale and really understand their behaviour; something you wouldn't be able to experience if you came to Costa Rica as a tourist."

- Emily Routh, Costa Rica Big Cats, Primates & Turtles Conservation




"As an inexperienced traveller and first-time backpacker Frontier provided me with the flexibility to combine projects whilst exploring different regions of the world. I was able to enjoy a once in a lifetime travel experience to beautiful places without the hassle and stresses of planning it on my own. Not only have I done and seen amazing new things, I've met some wonderful people along the way."

- Taylor Schaefer, South East Asia Ethical Adventure Trail




"Carrying out the London NGO Internship was one of the best experiences I've had so far. Even though it was only one month long, being in an office environment working alongside knowledgeable people made the whole experience worthwhile. I learnt vast amounts about different aspects of office work, such as marketing, research and literature writing."

- Laura Robinson, London Conservation NGO Internship




"I'm a fourth year medical student in England. I've been on lots of wards, tended a lot of patients but I realise that up until now I had never made a real difference to someone's life. I worked with a team of young doctors in the small coastal town called Malindi in Kenya. The doctors are all really approachable and they made me feel like part of the team. I got to see a hugely diverse range of medical issues from the unfortunately common road traffic accidents to tropical illnesses not only seen normally in the West. As well as the exceptional medical side of the project I also made some great friends."

- Patrick HM - Kenya Hospital & Beaches





"Nearly everyday we got a chance to dive with the staff bending over backwards to sort it out for us, they were also very knowledgeable and friendly, with most of them being around my age so there was never a school life feel to it. The staff also encouraged everyone to really get in touch with the environment and better understand why it needs looking after."

- Will Black, Tanzania Marine Conservation & Diving




"I've really loved my time here in Madagascar. The teaching programme is extremely rewarding and well supported. It's great to feel like you are making a difference whilst also benefiting yourself by gaining excellent TEFL qualifications."

- Rio Bayley - Madgascar Teaching




"As I currently study Geography at University, I feel the project was beneficial for me as I learnt so much more about how volunteering projects are run, an the impact that they have on countries across the world. Washing elephants was fun and we were also helping the local community at the same time."

- Karah Philpot, Thailand Elephant Sanctuary



"The staff at the newspaper welcomed me fro the word go and were very encouraging throughout. The family picked out for my homestay by Frontier made it feel like a home away from home, always making me feel welcome and going out of their way to make me comfortable. This element of my trip made it something that I will always look back on with fond memories and I already miss them all very much. My time volunteering with Frontier was great; I feel I have gained a huge amount from the experience and would definitely encourage others to get involved!"

- Phoebe Amato-Pace, Fiji Journalism



"Our job there was completely based on research and I really enjoyed it. Telemetry, camera traps, GPS tracking, spoors and scats identification, data entry. The aim of the work was to make a census of the fauna and game species as well as the carnivores, and to study their behaviour in the reserve. Participating in such a research programme was very rewarding because I fely like my work had a concrete impact of the future of the carnivors I worked on, and would improve our understanding of their behaviour in the reserve."

- Estelle Clerc - Namibia Carnivore Conservation Programme



"A requirement of the first year of my Marine Ecology Conservation degree was 300 hours of work based learning and a lecturer recommended partaking in a Frontier project. I spent five weeks on the project where I was able to conduct research for my own specialist project on beach litter. I also helped teach some of the local children English which turned out to be one of the best parts of my project. For anyone thinking of doing this project I say go for it. It's something incredible and highly rewarding. It was truly a life changing experience for me."

- Maria Gray, Cambodia Island Beach Conservation



"I don't think I could pinpoint one particular best part of my volunteer experience as there were so many amazing experiences but a few highlights include; diving amongst the incredible array of aquatic wildlife, becoming a part of the welcoming community and all the people who made my adventure so memorable. As my first time diving the staff were so supportive and encouraging, I soon felt comfortable and at ease in the water. For my first few dives I felt very anxious but after a week or so I soon felt at home and happy in the water... so much so I often didn't want to surface!"

- Miranda Proctor - Fiji Marine Conservation & Diving




"As a result of this volunteering project I decided to take a year abroad with my degree which has taken me to the National University of Singapore, which I place solely as a result of this project. Seeing all the diversity in people and personalities in a different country where you meet up with other volunteers, travellers and of course the locals, makes you want to stay and continue your learning."

- Rhys Jones - Cambodia Teaching & Temples


"Travelling through Central America with Frontier is an experience I'll never forget. The organisation of the trail gave each week a perfect balance between exciting activities and cultural experiences. Highlights included zip lining, volcano boarding, surfing and swimming through a cave in Guatemala. This was balanced with the experience of living with a Honduran family for a week and volunteering in a local school, which was both enjoyable and a massive learning opportunity for those wanting to develop their Spanish. I would definitely recommend a trail to those who want a first taste of backpacker travel before doing it independently, and for those ready to throw themselves into the local culture and new experiences."

- Jamie Martin, Central America Ethical Adventure Trail




"It makes a huge difference seeing amazing animals such as lemurs, turtles and many many species of fish from the perspective of a researcher rather than a tourist. Not only are you experiencing the beauty of the creatures and environment, but you know you are also doing something to help conserve them."

- Grace Hussey, Madagascar Marine Conservation & Diving



"The best part of my volunteering experience has to be the children: they were amazing, so enthusiastic and great dancers! The sanctuary also had many orphaned baby baboons whom I adored. A rota system meant a different person would have a baboon every night - you would have to feed them, bathe them, nappy them and sleep with them. It was hard word, but a lot of fun! Anyone thinking of going on my project would be in for a treat. It's hard, but very rewarding and you'll meet a great group of people. I miss it so much already."

- Shweta Patel, Namibia Teaching & Wildlife



"Each day you are rewarded with the feeling that you have made an impact in someone's life. You are challenged and pushed outside your comfort zone, but you are surrounded by people going through the same thing and so each day it becomes easier. You become very close friends with everyone around you, people you stay friends with even after you finish your project! It's an opportunity that no-one should miss out on."

- Hatty Davis, Tanzania Teaching & Beaches


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