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Frontier volunteers are dedicated and heartfelt people. We love to see all of the great memories our passionate volunteers collect when going on a project with us and most of all we want to inspire new volunteers to do the same. Frontier has over 300 projects in 58 unique destinations, so we understand if you have a hard time deciding which exciting project is the right one for you. However, no need to worry any longer - journey through our videos and find out everything from how work is carried out to what the atmosphere on camp is like! Discover the beautiful natural surroundings on our projects, explore the diverse wildlife that will accompany you on your adventure and find out what the true fulfillment of volunteering is, straight from the classrooms and field camps!

Why volunteer?

Why volunteer? What projects can you take part in? With Frontier's choice of over 300 projects in Central & South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australasia there's a lot to choose from. Whether you want to make part in wildlife or marine conservation, teaching and community projects, take part in an internship, adventure travel or gain a qualification, Frontier has something to offer you. By volunteering you'll be giving your travel meaning and helping make a tangible difference to peoples lives and in the protection of wildlife. You'll also have the chance to meet some fantastic people along the way, as you bond over incredible experiences and make life long friends.


Wildlife: Take part in dedicated wildlife conservation and animal care projects

Across the world habitats and wildlife are under threat from human encroachment and illegal activities such poaching. Volunteers are vital to the success of wildlife conservation programmes that work to protect endangered species, map habitats and work with local communities to ensure conservation efforts are maintainable and beneficial to the local people.

Costa Rica Big Cats, Primates and Turtle Conservation


Thailand Zoo Assitant Project


Costa Rica Animal Rescue Project


South Africa Wildlife Conservation


Marine Conservation: make a meaningful contribution to the protection of threatened ecosystems

The ocean covers more than 70 percent of the earth’s surface, is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet and is vital to the survival and health of the world’s ecosystems. The ocean is also an irreplaceable primary source of food and income for many communities around the globe. Yet harmful illegal fishing practices and overfishing have damaged reefs and endangered marine species.

Thailand Coral Reef Conservation & Diving


Fiji Marine Conservation and Diving



Teach Abroad:  give back a meaningful contribution to the lives of underprivileged children

English teachers are one of the most frequently requested resources from the communities, schools and organisations that Frontier works with. Having the ability to read and write English makes a valuable difference to the people within these communities as it gives people the chance to apply for higher paid jobs, substantially improving their standard of living.

Madagascar Teaching


Costa Rica Teaching


Cambodia Teaching in Siem Reap


Fiji Teaching



Community Projects:  improve a community's opportunities for the future

Community development is one of the most diverse and rewarding volunteering experiences, providing volunteers to get involved with a huge range of activities from construction, to teaching abroad and even environmental conservation. Whether you’re working in a women’s shelter or with remote hill tribes in Vietnam, community development volunteering offers the chance to discover many different aspects of volunteering and make a truly positive impact on the lives of others.

Favela Restoration & Construction


Brazil Childcare



Adventure Travel:  Step outside your comfort zone and set yourself a challenge

So many adventures to be had, such little time to fit them all in! Join a group of other volunteers on an ethical adventure trail and try zip lining, tubing, diving, jungle trekking and much more before volunteering as you backpack and explore far flung corners of the globe. From learning to sail to going on safari there are a huge range of projects that will help you gain the confidence push your boundaries and test your limits in a totally new experience. Combine adventure travel and volunteering and you’ll become even more enchanted with the places you go and the people you meet when you volunteer abroad to give something back as well. 

South East Asia Adventure Trail


Fantasy Gap Year