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Welcome to the #FrontierVolunteer Community

Are you going on a project with Frontier or are you simply just interested in what's going on, on our projects and what we are all about? Well, you have come to the right place! The #FrontierVolunteer online community will get you all set, out of questions, full of travel tips, knowledgable about what you will get up to on your trip and ready to take on a Frontier adventure as a volunteer. Connect with other volunteers in the #FrontierVolunteer Forum, get the latest updates straight from the field in 'Project's Live' and 'Project Blogs', check out 'The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist' so you are all ready to go, get 'travel advise and inspiration' and 'much more'!

Download your Frontier Volunteer Abroad Handbook & Guide to find out everything you will need to know about going abroad with us, along with some useful and fun travel tips, and guides. Enjoy!

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Whilst all our projects will endeavour to keep their accounts updated their main priority is completing project work and focusing on volunteers in the field. Many of our projects take place in remote places with unreliable internet, or may only be able to make updates during trips to more connected areas, so please be patient if you’re waiting for the next update!

Let us journey with you!


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We would love to see your photos and updates while you are away on your project, so please go ahead and tag, mention and tweet us so we can follow your journey. Who knows, we might put you in the spotlight!

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Become a Frontier Ambassador

The Frontier Ambassador scheme is your chance to stay involved with the project you contributed towards as a volunteer. Becoming a Frontier Ambassador is all about inspiring the next generation of volunteers to get out there and make a difference; so much of the good work done by projects couldn’t happen without the valuable support of volunteers. Not only will you be helping to raise awareness for volunteering, but the great part is the scheme gives you the opportunity to earn credits towards your next Frontier adventure as you do so. Why not, who knows where your next adventure will be!

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If you're a past volunteer we'd love to see what you got up to on your project! Post a photo to our Facebook wall, tweet us or share your photos with us on Instagram using #FrontierVolunteer.