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The Benefits of Teaching Abroad

17 Oct 2017 16:05 PM

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller, have spent some time studying abroad, or are yet to leave your hometown, teaching abroad is an unmissable experience. It gives you the chance to make a real impact to local communities, all whilst making lifelong friends and gaining either valuable teaching experience or a TEFL Qualification – you get to travel the world and come back with more than you left with, what more can you want? Here are 5 reasons you should teach abroad:

Immerse yourself in a new culture, and become part of a local community

Teaching abroad offers an opportunity to experience a country like no tourist can. Teaching English to a local community allows you to become an active, contributing member of that society and meet people on an intimate level, making international friends and connections! Frontier currently offers opportunities to teach abroad in 5 Continents; imagine getting a tuk-tuk to work, or having ‘ugali’ on your lunch break whilst teaching English in Tanzania, just one of the many teach abroad projects we offer.


Learn a new language

Although you’re the one travelling abroad to teach, there is a lot you will learn whilst you’re there. It’s amazing how quickly you pick up a language once you’re immersed in another country’s culture. Needing the local language to navigate your way about whilst you’re outside the classroom will quickly become second nature, and you’ll pick up words and phrases in no time! What’s more, the locals will be more than happy to assist you whenever you need, even if it takes a few charade-like hand gestures to get there first… Have a look at our Fiji Teaching project here.


Personal Growth

Whilst the prospect of travelling to a new country for the first time can be nerve-wracking, it’s also important to remember that it’s completely normal to be nervous, and that travelling independently is a pivotal experience for personal growth. Stepping outside your comfort zone is a crucial step in order to allow yourself to gain self-confidence, experience new cultures and escape your daily routine. What’s more, working and living abroad allows you to appreciate another culture as if it were your own, something that you can’t achieve on a long holiday. If teaching English in Madagascar sounds appealing, check out how you could be there with Frontier!

Gain teaching experience/improve your CV

Whilst the personal benefits of teaching abroad are second to none, you’ll be pleased to know it also boosts your professional credibility and gives your CV a unique edge! Employers will admire your independence, and you will learn numerous life skills that you can put on your CV and talk to potential employers about. Working and living abroad offers much more experience than simply travelling, such as self-sufficiency, organisational skills and excellent communication skills! It goes without saying that actual teaching experience looks impressive on any CV, whether teaching is your desired career path or not, so imagine how impressive it’ll look when it’s in a country you’ve never been to, and the local language is not your own. On top of all that, you’ll see your leadership skills develop dramatically both in and out of the classroom, as you navigate yourself around foreign lands as well as being in charge of a room full of students… Good Luck! Find out how you can teach English in Costa Rica here.

You will make a genuine difference

One word – philanthropy. It goes without saying that English is one of the most desirable languages in the world. By teaching it, you are bringing the world together and allowing people from different countries to do things you probably take for granted, such as read famous books, make friends and conduct business. In spreading education and knowledge, you are encouraging others to do the same. If children and young people are taught English, it opens doors of opportunity for various further education and business proposals, and will filter through generations to come! Click here to see how you could make a genuine difference to a local community by teaching English in Morocco!

By Fran Collis - Online Journalism Intern

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