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The Fire Walkers of Fiji

18 Jun 2020 09:00 AM


All over the world people practice fire walking, but few know the true origin of the activity – Beqa Island! It is still practiced on the island as a cultural ritual.

The legend states that a warrior on Beqa ventured into the sea to catch a fish. While in the water, he reached under a ledge in the reef and grabbed an eel. Inside this particular eel lived a spirit god. The spirit god begged for his freedom and promised to give the warrior wealth, power and strength. However, the warrior did not need money, and he was already as strong and powerful as he needed to be.

There, the warrior lifted his weapon to kill the eel, and the spirit god with it. The spirit god then told the warrior that he could give him the ability to walk on fire without being burned, a power that would also be passed onto the warrior’s descendants. He also told the warrior that he could give him the power to heal burnt feet after walking on the fire. The warrior returned to his village and created a pit of stones and fire. To his surprise, the spirit god protected him and he did not burn his feet.

The people of Beqa still practice this tradition and you can see it when you come to our Fiji project!



By Amie Williams, Principal Investigator, Frontier Fiji 

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