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Become a Corona Conservationist

11 May 2020 15:45 PM


With the world busy uniting against Covid-19, our volunteers have had to wait a bit longer to start their Tenerife adventure. But there’s nothing to say you can’t begin your adventure from the safety of your own home. Being a conservationist isn’t all about going out in the field and getting your hands dirty – it’s also about making mindful day to day decisions and staying educated and informed in your normal lives. I’ve made a short list of easy things you can try out during the quarantine to bring a bit of Frontier Tenerife to your own home.


Cook a Vegan Meal!

One of the things we’ve found a lot of our volunteers are surprised to take away from this project is a love of plant-based food. Many start off intimidated to try a new style of cooking if eating vegan is completely new to them. By the end of the project, they are whipping tofu about in the frying pan as if they have been doing it their whole lives. With all the time at home during this pandemic, try turning your attention to the kitchen and see what you can create. Both your tummy and the planet will thank you for it later.


Identify the Wildlife Around You

We can’t wait to welcome you to Tenerife and show you what awesome animals you can find here. In the meantime, why not take a bit of time to learn what lives in your own back garden? Pull out your earphones and try and recognise the calls of different birds. Lift a rock and see what creepy crawlies scuttle out. Conservation isn’t only about the big things!


Plant Something

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, set out some garlic or herbs and watch them grow. Or if your space is all inside, find a sunny spot and pot something adorable. In Tenerife, we live in a tropical environment where lots of yummy fruit and vegetables grow all around us. That means we largely get to eat local veggies. This cuts the carbon costs of transporting food all over the world. See if you can set up a little local food resource for yourself.


Reach Out to Friends and Neighbours

This project is about conservation, but it’s also about meeting new people and forming lifelong connections. This pandemic has been hard on us all in different ways. If you can, maybe give your neighbour a friendly wave or give an old friend a phone call. We all have to look out for each other so we can continue to do our best work for the planet!


Try an Online Course

Many organisations and universities have kindly opened up their books for the corona crisis. If you dream of being a conservationist or just want to learn a bit more about biology, there are many free courses available through Harvard. Here in Tenerife, we are tackling a QGIS course with DMAD institute so we can improve our mapping skills. This will help us map out the distribution of the whales and dolphins we see during our surveys!



These were just a few ideas that might help you feel active during this difficult time. If it all feels too overwhelming, then let yourself rest and take the time you need to get through this. The wonderful wildlife of this world will be waiting for us all when we come back!

Lots of love from our team here in Tenerife and myself, Trina, your principal investigator. 



By Katrina Davies, Principal Investigator, Frontier Tenerife 

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