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The Gap Year Blog

Online Journalism Intern - Aisha Benmeriem

5 Feb 2020 16:10 PM

What is your background?

I was born in London, however moved to Algeria as a young girl and spent my youth there. Being half Algerian, half British, I was exposed to two different cultures where it was interesting to see the differences in food, religion, customs, language and people. My exposure made me hungry to explore the world further at University, so I applied to many opportunities in Asia, Africa and America and ended up going to Jordan, Amman. There, I worked with different charities and companies that focus on agriculture and the community. This is a big interest of mine and having experienced what it is like living in Jordan, I understand what needs to be done and changed for the people of Jordan.

I am an aspiring Journalist and thus I communicated with many people there and used the opportunity to my advantage. I spent days talking to refugees, women who have been domestically abused, working in schools and going to top universities. In general, I love to travel, and I am always planning my next trip before one trip has ended.

Finally, I have now graduated in English Literature from the University of Westminster and I am actively looking for work in the communication industry.

Why did you choose Frontier?

After doing some research, I realised how important the environment is to us all and how we as humans are blinded daily to the causes we create to the planet. Frontier as a company are helping the environment become a cleaner, safer place for us all, whether it be through dexterously getting involved or through research and data collection. The opportunities Frontier offer are endless and always surprising, so I knew it was worth applying for the position of Online Journalism Intern.

What are your duties?

As an online Journalism intern, I liaise with the marketing team to ensure everything going out on the Frontier website is clear and presentable. I write a lot of the content that goes live online from newsletters to blogs, advertisements and campaigns. I ensure that all blogs sent from the countries are edited and put up on to the ‘Into the Wild Blog’ where volunteers or anyone can access them to read. I also research hot topics that are currently trending that relate to the environment and conservation and write my own articles for the Frontier website.

What interests you within the conservation field?

I am most interested in community work and teaching. The Madagascan trip looks amazing and would love to go someday to help and communicate with the locals. The trip looks very rewarding for both the volunteers and the Madagascan’s and I am sure everyone benefits from each other. The pictures that we get sent from Madagascar are beautiful and would make anyone start researching to go ASAP.

What does the future hold?

The future holds many things I hope and as we Muslim’s say ‘Allahu Aalam’, I may not know specifically what the future holds, but it is all laid out for me and I will take every opportunity that is thrown my way.

Who would you recommend this internship to?

I would recommend this internship to anyone that is nearing the end of their Undergraduate degree and looking to get some experience writing to build a portfolio. I would also recommend this position to anyone who is unemployed and are passionate about the environment. It is also beneficial to apply to this company if you are thinking of travelling as it will prepare you with the research side of things.