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A Massive Shout-out

28 Jan 2020 12:20 PM

I’m Awena, the Project Manager for Frontier Tenerife!

For this blog I want to give a shoutout to all of our boat partners as they have been the most incredible, supportive and engaging teams to work with during my time in Tenerife.

First, we have Ragnarok. What can be said about this boat, is that it has to be experienced to be believed! This Viking themed boat comes complete with actors, props, incredible music and the most awesome décor you have ever seen. This is normally a volunteer’s first boat with us, and it’s such a great introduction to how fun and engaging conservation can be. The crew members are the sweetest people and never fail to make us feel welcome, even when we are super nervous about doing our (optional!) speech on board to the tourists.

Secondly, we have the Neptuno company boats – Peter Pan and Shogun. Peter Pan is a sweet, small boat that also has an incredible crew, who are always up to date on all the cetacean gossip that has happened in the various ports that week. Shogun is the party boat that takes us to the incredible Los Gigantes sea cliffs – the highest in Europe. It is a huge, beautiful boat that was once owned by an Arab sheik and it is a wonderful experience.

Lastly, we have Eden Catamaran! The smallest boat we partner with, but that doesn’t mean anything out on the sea. The small size of the boat and the closeness to the water means you can often see the cetaceans in breath-taking detail, and it is truly something special when you get the dolphins bow- riding this boat.

All in all, we are very lucky to have these partnerships, who are all Blue flag certified eco-tours for whale watching, and a big thank you to all these amazing people!

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By Awena Sangster - Frontier Tenerife PM

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