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The Gap Year Blog

Farewell Leonie!

22 Jan 2020 14:20 PM

Leonie, a volunteer that stayed a whole seven weeks, recently left us for the swiss mountain tops of her home country. This blog is a dedication to all that is Leonie, a cracking girl who won volunteer of the week every week for a reason. Leonie is 19 years old, knows absolutely everything already and is just getting started on her path to become a high-flying journalist. Although she said biology wasn’t her strong point at school, she decided to give something new a chance.

She turned out to be a wizard with the survey sheets and a fiend at entering the data, and in doing so discovered biology is more than what they teach you in a classroom! We took her out to see the whales and in return she brought us friendship, a shoulder to cry on (and laugh on) and some of the best tacos the island of Tenerife has ever seen. Although we’re sad she’s left, we all feel so excited to see how she gets on starting university and sharing some of her shining energy with the rest of the world.

During this project you get to make some amazing friends, and even if your lives will continue in different corners of the planet, whales can sing to each other across whole oceans if they want to talk to each other (and its easier for us because we have whatsapp).

By Trina Davies - Frontier Tenerife Volunteer 

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