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The Gap Year Blog

A Little Step in the Right Direction

15 Jan 2020 12:30 PM

Every friday on the project here in Tenerife is beach clean. So basically we visit different beaches and collect whatever rubbish we can find so that it can‘t harm anything anymore, whether it‘s an animal or a human being. Over the last few weeks we cleaned the beach in Los Cristianos once and the beach at Las Galletas or the glass beach twice.

So, every Friday we go to the according beach and there we start collecting everything we see for one hour. This week it was the beach in Las Galletas. The glass beach has really earned its name: it doesn’t matter where you look you just see glass everywhere. But not only that, there’s also a lot of plastic, cans, rusty nails, clothes, fabric, basically everything you can imagine. We split up into two teams so we’re able to cover a bigger area.

Every team has a staff member with a clipboard to collect data on what exactly we find, where and how much of it. Helping to protect the environment in such a direct way not only makes you more aware about your behaviour towards waste but it also gives you such a good feeling because as our project manager awena always says: everything you collect right now might save the life of a seagull because it wasn‘t able to eat it.

So even though we are never going to be able to collect every piece of rubbish here at the beaches in Tenerife nor at the real world, we are still able to help the environment even if it‘s just a little step in the right direction.

By Leonie - Frontier Tenerife Volunteer 

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