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High Spirits with Frontier!

14 Jan 2020 10:20 AM

My first impressions of the Frontier Tenerife Project have been comfortably exceeded. Interactions with the dolphins have been both incredible and unique, granting me with several new perspectives on how we interact and influence the resident and migrant species in the waters surrounding the island. These interactions are easily the highlight of my experience so far, making it even more satisfying knowing that the work and research being done here can help to protect and conserve both the whales and dolphins, and the marine environment in the future.

Spirits in the Frontier house have been high, and all of the peeves associated with communal living are absent (speaking from experience). I’ve picked up multiple tips on cooking, the Spanish language and life in Tenerife and it feels as though I’m learning new things every day. The volunteers and staff in the house have been awesome, making it easy to settle straight into the group and feel welcome.

The crew on the boats we observe from are entertaining and friendly and are extremely informative. I’m looking forward to experiencing the other three boats, however Rag hasn’t disappointed yet!

It’s also awesome to look forward to the working week, knowing that no two days will ever be the same. The constant greetings with new people has been a highlight, exposing me to so many people to interact with. This has given me so many memories already of being with new people I never thought I would be with.

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By Jordan Lucas - Frontier Tenerife Volunteer

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