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The Gap Year Blog

Digital Marketing Intern: Gillian Parnin

11 Dec 2019 16:50 PM

Gillian Parnin, 23, has joined us after studying at Diderot Paris 7 University in Paris, France, where she graduated in Chinese Studies. She has brought her skills in Mandarin and French as well as her creativity and flair for digital content in her role as Digital Marketing intern at our London Headquarters. We asked her about how she was finding the internship...



What is your background?

I have just graduated from my undergraduate’s degree in Chinese and am currently doing an internship to gain experience in marketing before moving to Taiwan at the end of this internship!


Why did you choose Frontier?

I love their dedication to all fields of volunteering, from community work to saving animals all around the world. I’ve always wanted to help and make a difference, and Frontier was the perfect gateway and starting point to enter in this industry.


What are your duties?

Running the social media platforms, especially that of Weibo (the Chinese version of Facebook). I am in charge of scheduling posts, social media reporting, building campaigns, translating documents, creating newsletters and quite a lot more!


What interests you within the conservation field?

Seeing the volunteers on Frontier Projects, it's really nice to recieve their blogs and photographs and look at their social media! It's great to see their experience over there and what they are doing first-hand, especially as we are part of that process of sending people overseas. Its nice to see that by doing something as simple as reposting a photo of the volunteers cleaning the beach or studying an animal can contribute in helping the future!


What does the future hold?

Hopefully a job in another NGO or international company - somewhere that will make a difference! I have learnt so much at Frontier that I am a lot more confident in finding a job in this field of work!


Who would you recommend this internship to?

Anyone that is interested in marketing, volunteering and saving the planet!