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The Gap Year Blog

Events & Outreach Intern: Tom Balchin

4 Dec 2019 17:20 PM

Tom Balchin, 21, is currently on a placement year from Bath Business University, where he studies Business with Events & Festival Management. Having joined the Events department as an Events & Outreach Intern in Frontier’s busiest month, Tom quickly rose to the challenge. We asked him to tell us about his role…

What is your background?

I’m currently on a placement year so that I can gain some practical field experience. I’ve always really enjoyed Events management, and I set up a successful events company with two friends after leaving school. I also travelled through 9 countries in South East Asia and Australasia over 4 months, which was incredible - my highlight was definitely an ethical elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai (Thailand)!


Why did you choose Frontier?

I wanted to make a difference to the ongoing problem we have with the environment, whether it was a big or small contribution. Conservation is such a massive field that there are loads of ways to make a difference, using your particular set of skills. I may not be out there planting trees, but I wanted to use my background in Events to reach out to schools, universities and the general public, helping to raise awareness of conservation opportunities they can partake in.


What are your duties?

There’s a lot to do on the daily. I organise events and manage relationships between schools, colleges and universities for our delegates to attend. I am also responsible for organising the travel to events and finding delegates to attend them. When the actual event has been planned and attended, I process the contact information of sign ups at events, as well as assisting with a mailout to roughly 5000, schools, colleges and universities. I’m kept busy!

What interests you within the conservation field?

Our projects that we send people on are there to help and make a positive impact to the environment. I’m interested in getting people involved in conservation on a wider scale, as I truly believe conservation-based travel needs to occur more. I am interested in widening the target audience of people that want to help, as there are so many people who care about the environment but may not realise how accessible ecotourism and volunteer opportunities are.

What does the future hold?

I have used my experience at Frontier as a stepping-stone to get a new job in Events! It is always good when you can gain valuable experience in the career field you are looking to work in.


Who would you recommend this internship to?

I’d say anyone planning to get into the Events industry or interested in conservation. It’s hands-on work for a great cause, and it’s a way to make a difference to the planet using your set of skills!