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3 Dec 2019 16:35 PM


Describing herself as a painter and diver, Francesca, an artist who shares most of her artwork on Instagram, is sending an important message on the disappearances and killing of sharks around the world. Her mission is called 200 SHARKS.

Through her ingenious artworks, Francesca is on a mission to warn people on endangered sea creatures and sends a message to all to help save the sharks. She believes art is a universal language and hopes that the important messages she is illustrating will help others protect the fragile planet. Francesca is a passionate diver and does not shy away from the waters of the deep ocean. Her passions lie in diving and meeting the amazing creatures of the oceans. 

“The more I dive, the more passionate and curious I become about the ocean… this curiosity fuels my art” 

Diving and painting for Francesca go hand in hand. She uses photography to gain inspiration for her artwork. All her artworks are inspired by trips she has been on where she would dive and capture amazing shots of sharks, fish, turtles and many more. She shares these experiences on her social media platforms, mostly Instagram where she documents photography and video-based content for her current 26 thousand followers. On her Instagram stories, she shares the mesmerizing waters that she is submerged in, filming the creatures swimming beside her and over her.

On her online mission statement, Francesca declares that she wants to illustrate the beauty of sharks, and that they are not “mindless killers but complex, intelligent beings who are more than just a set of jaws” 

There are over 500 species of sharks and this female artist is certainly not allowing them to get killed or disappear. She is saving them. The imagery that she portrays, she hopes will allow people to understand sharks, not by their prejudgments but by their true stories.

Their ways of living,

Their intricate social life,

Their complex courtship rituals,

Ways of bringing up their young,

Intelligent ways of catching their prey,

Symbiotic ways of communicating with other creatures…

The list goes on and on. 

To create her stories and ‘magic’, Francesca uses watercolour and gouache paint, making sure she uses environmentally friendly materials. In sharing her art further, Francesca sells her artwork online, creating spell bounding posters of all sizes, stickers, T-shirts as well as selling original pieces. A percentage of each of her prints sold will go towards an ocean conservation group of her choice, and the rest is invested into her work and travel around the world; searching for those majestic creatures. 


“My mission as an artist is to allow people to see the world from another perspective”

By Aisha Benmeriem - Online Journalism Intern

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