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The Gap Year Blog

Research & Development Intern: Abby Cox

26 Nov 2019 16:20 PM

In the middle of studying Geography at the University of Portsmouth, Abby Cox, 20, has chosen to spend her placement year as a Research & Development Intern with us. Coming from a strong conservation background, we’re excited to have Abby on board. She talks to us about what she’s been up to…

What is your background?

I am currently on my placement year with Frontier as part of my Geography degree at the University of Portsmouth.


Why did you choose Frontier?

I chose Frontier for my placement year because of their successful conservation work around the world. I have previously had work experience with WWF which increased my passion for conservation and the work of non-profit organisations, so I’m glad that I am able to complete my placement year with Frontier, who have many great conservation projects around the world.


What are your duties?

I help to read and edit science reports sent to us from our research projects. I also help to write grant applications to obtain funding for our current and future overseas projects.


What interests you within the conservation field?

I am interested in the conservation of marine and forest environments. I also have an interest in how people affect the environment and wildlife and the ways in which human impacts can be reduced.


What does the future hold?

In the future I would love to travel and experience more countries to learn about different cultures, hopefully picking up more conservation experience along the way to help me to pursue a career in this field.


Who would you recommend this internship to?

Anyone with a passion for conserving and protecting the environment and is interested in how non-profit organisations run day to day.