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A Quick Roundup!

19 Nov 2019 12:35 PM

Hi, my name is Tierra, I’m from the UK and have been in Tenerife with Frontier for a week now. I have taken part in so many interesting activities so far including, boat trips, beach cleans and snorkelling.

The boat trips in particular provide an exciting experience, they allow you to see and record data on many of the resident cetacean species around the island, I particularly enjoyed seeing the Atlantic Spotted Dolphins as they were beautiful and not a particularly common site to see. Though there are plenty of other species that you will most definitely get to encounter! Like the adorable Short Finned Pilot Whale.

As well as the tasks set in place by Frontier, you also have free time on the weekend to take part in the other fun activities that the island has to offer, like kayaking which gives you the opportunity to see the animals that Frontier works to conserve in their natural habitats! Going out in the kayaks was such an amazing opportunity that I really recommend taking part in! We took the kayaks out to sea, near some local fish farms where a lot of the bottlenose dolphins will come to feed. We were able to get up close to these amazing animals without disturbing them or their natural habitat.

You’re never short of things to do on this gorgeous island, whether it be taking part in the interesting activities set in place by the lovely staff or planning your own excursions on the weekends with the great friends you make along the way!

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By Tierra Finnegan - Frontier Tenerife Volunteer

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