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A 10/10 for Tenerife!

15 Nov 2019 15:55 PM

I have just completed my first week with Frontier Tenerife.

I was a little apprehensive when I first arrived, but everyone made us feel extremely welcome. My first experience of the research part of the project was on a Viking-themed boat called Ragnarok, where we saw our first pod of pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins! This was an amazing experience, especially when the dolphins were playing together. We recorded each encounter on a data sheet, which allows us to record the animals’ behaviour and how they interact with the boat.

Once we got off the boat, there was time to explore Tenerife, and sunbathe on the beautiful beaches that surround the island. The next boat we went on was called Eden, and this was another exciting experience. We had two encounters with pilot whales and saw a pod of bottlenose dolphins, which interacted with the boat – they were bow riding and breaching which was amazing! A turtle was spotted swimming next to the boat and was a great addition to the boat ride.

Beach cleans are another important part of Frontier’s project in Tenerife and it is astounding how much litter we pick up each clean. On Thursday we picked up 8.5kg of glass alone, totalling 12kg of litter on one beach clean! This was a reminder of the pollution problem affecting wildlife every day.

I had a great first week and I am really excited to go out on more boats and have more great experiences in the next two weeks!

By Laura - Frontier Tenerife volunteer

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