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The Gap Year Blog

Out of the Shells!

6 Nov 2019 17:20 PM

My name is Awena and I’m the project manager for Tenerife. I’ve now been here almost two months and have settled in really well, the house is such a welcoming and friendly place. Just as you might be feeling sad someone is leaving project, a new bunch of people who are also amazing appear!

One thing that I really enjoy about this project is seeing people come out of their shell, both staff and volunteers alike. Everyone is nervous when they first arrive, whether you are 16 or 26, volunteer or project manager. Seeing how fast people settle in and make friends, enjoy the activities around the island and really discover just how amazing cetaceans are and become more passionate about them and their protection is a truly rewarding experience.

We’ve had people with a wide variety of medical conditions come here and absolutely smash the project, so if you are in doubt if you can do it – YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN, and we would love to have you! Even in two short months, I’ve seen people overcome amazing personal hurdles and emerge more confident in both themselves and the work they are doing.

To be able to see people develop in this incredible way in such short periods of time, is really something special that I’ve found is truly unique to volunteer experiences. Having done them in the past myself before entering as staff, it’s not an exaggeration to say that there’s nothing else like it, and in one way or another – it will change you and the way you see the world. It’s so important for people to get involved, and the memories will never leave you once your mindset starts to change.

By Awena Sangster - Project Manager for Frontier Tenerife

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