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The Gap Year Blog

One on One with... an Events Work Shadower

4 Nov 2019 15:40 PM

When Frontier opened its doors for work shadowing, we saw students coming from across the country and sacrificing their half terms for a day's experience at an NGO.

Maddy Anderson Morris, in Year 13 at Tiffin Girls' School spent the day up in the Events Department, where she learnt what it was like to organise and run events on behalf of an NGO. We asked Maddy how she got on with us...

What job would you like to do in the future?

Something in conservation (I think aha!)

What areas of conservation and the environment are you most interested in?

Probably something in the terrestrial field, maybe something in Asia (not marine, because I’m a little bit scared of the deep ocean.)

What work have you been up to during your work-shadowing placement?

Working on my end presentation, and spectating/observing the running of the events department. 

How did you find your day with Frontier?

Great- I loved it. The events department were lovely! (Thank you Will, Eve and Tom)

Would you recommend a work-shadowing placement?

Yup, absolutely. I enjoyed every minute!