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The Gap Year Blog

One on One with: Conservation & Research Work Shadower

31 Oct 2019 16:20 PM

When Frontier opened its doors for work shadowing, we saw students coming from across the country and sacrificing their half terms for a day's experience at an NGO.

Rose Marshall, in Year 13 at Channing School, came to join Frontier's Conservation & Research Department for the day. We decided to find out how she got on...


What job would you like to do in the future?

Preferably something related to sustainability or conservation.

What areas of conservation and the environment are you most interested in?

I am not really sure - I am interested in many aspects of it such as reducing climate change and deforestation.

What work have you been up to during your work-shadowing placement?

I have been creating a presentation about an endangered ecosystem (the Acacia forests of the Senegal river basin) and how it can be conserved.

Do you think your experience in our London Headquarters has interested you to pursue a career in your desired field?

Yes, I am still keen on further exploring careers relating to environmental and social issues.

How did you find your day with Frontier?

Good, it was informative and gave me an insight into working in an NGO and the different kinds of things I could do in the future.

Would you recommend a work-shadowing placement?

Yes, it was a stress-free way of learning more about this field of work.