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Elephants Never Forget... and neither will we!

31 Oct 2019 12:55 PM

This week our trail moved into the North, mountainous region of Thailand to the city of Chaing Mai and the town of Pai. Up here the weather is a bit cooler, the hills a lot higher, and the people seemingly even friendlier! The area is full of music, culture and adventure and our volunteers took full advantage of all those! Learning about Buddhism from monks, taking mud baths with elephants at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, and experiencing the sights and sounds of Pai. Here is some of the feedback from our group... 

"Today we visited the monks at The Buddhist University Campus at Wat Chedi Luang and had to opportunity to talk with them for a few hours. It was one of the most amazing experiences so far. It was so fascinating to learn about their lives and why they chose to become monks, and they were very interested to learn about our lives as well. They truly are incredible people and we were fortunate to spend some time with them and catch a glimpse of their life and culture here in Chiang Mai"

- Frontier Volunteer Alicia

"As the Trail Leader, it was humbling to have the opportunity to do this with such a wonderful group at such a great sanctuary. To see the elephants so loved and cared for and to feel and see the joy it brought to my group was incredibly rewarding. Thank you Frontier and Elephant Jungle Sanctuary for making this possible!"

- Vaughan, UK

"This experience was once of a lifetime. I had an amazing time feeding and bathing the elephants. Such incredibly beautiful animals."

- Alicia, USA

"Had a great experience at the elephant sanctuary, we fed and bathed the elephants. It was nice to see that the elephants were well treated by the mahouts and looked after with care."

- Avril, UK

"One of the best experiences of my life! It was awesome to see the elephants so well looked after."

- Carson, USA

"What I found most interesting about elephants during the visit is their ability to connect to other beings. They are emotional and intelligent creatures. They make you feel safe and peaceful."

- Elisa, Ecuador

"A really great experience feeding and bathing with the elephants! Also so great to see them so well looked after."

- Ollie, UK

“From exploring a waterfall and diving into the natural pools to trekking through a canyon and watching the sunset on what felt like the edge of the world. This day was a great unique experience for me packed full of activities.”

- Christian, UK


By the South East Asia Trail Volunteers - Frontier South East Asia

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