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The Gap Year Blog

One on One with... a Marketing Work Shadower

30 Oct 2019 12:15 PM

When Frontier opened its doors for work shadowing, we saw students coming from across the country and sacrificing their half terms for a day's experience at an NGO.

Emily May Harris, in Year 12 at City and Islington Sixth Form College, came and joined the Marketing Department for the day and experienced what it was like to work in Online Journalism and Digital Marketing. We asked her how she found her day...

What job would you like to do in the future?

I would possibly like to work in advertising.

What areas of conservation and the environment are you most interested in?

My areas of interest are reducing plastic in the oceans and in the world generally. I also like the idea of helping the animals that are affected by plastic pollution, and fighting against climate change.

What work have you been up to during your work-shadowing placement?

I gave a presentation and wrote an article about fast fashion (in the environment) for the Frontier Website.

Do you think your experience in our London Headquarters has interested you to pursue a career in your desired field?

Yes, because it is something that interests me and, from what I experienced today, seems fulfilling.

How did you find your day with Frontier?

I found it very interesting as I did some research and wrote a blog on my chosen topic.

Would you recommend a work-shadowing placement?

Yes, as it can help you discover what you enjoy and it is also great experience for your CV. I really enjoyed working here for the day as it is a very friendly environment.

You can read Emily's blog article here.