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The Gap Year Blog

Tons of Fun in Tenerife!

28 Oct 2019 13:50 PM

I’m the Project Manager at TRW, and one of my favourite things about Tenerife is the amount of stuff there is to do here! You might think we already kind of do it all by going on all the different tourist boats, cleaning up and visiting different beaches, hiking up cliffs and snorkelling as part of activities…but there is still so much more to see even after that!

If you are into hiking you can visit the incredible active volcano Teide, you can even do night hikes on it and come down in the starlight! This is a challenging hike, but the guides are lovely and very patient, and with enough determination, anyone can do it. There are also the beautiful forests to the North of the island, and the Masca trail (a popular spot for proposals it’s so beautiful).

If you get bored of the land, there’s load to do in the sea! Lots of beautiful beaches to laze around on, where you can grab a mask and snorkel and say hello to all the fish, rays and even turtles if you are lucky! You can go out on kayaks and the dolphins will very often come up to see what you are up to before going back to their normal activities. You can go windsurfing, kitesurfing, normal surfing if you are looking for some thrills, there are great beginner waves in Las Americas – which I tried as a beginner surfer and sucked at, but it was amazing fun! Now plotting to buy my own surfboard.

There’s also of course diving – Tenerife is the perfect place to try diving for the first time as the currents are relatively low, the visibility is good and there’s very little tidal change to worry about! There are loads of dive shops around and there’s absolutely no excuse to not give it a try!

By Awena Sangster - Project Manager for Frontier Tenerife

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