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The Gap Year Blog

Digital Marketing Intern: Shamsa Khan

1 Oct 2019 11:05 AM

Having studied Law at Reading University, Shamsa Khan is our resident Digital Marketing Intern. Keen for a change of scene, she put down her books and took up the running of our online social media platforms. With a passion for the storytelling and outreach that Digital Marketing can provide, we're catching up with Shamsa about her role at the office...


Why did you choose Frontier?

In terms of the role, I fell in love with the Digital Marketing industry and wanted to gain hands-on experience in that field. Law looks at precedent, however digital marketing is innovative and focuses on the future. In terms of the reason I chose Frontier as a company, not only did I want to enhance my digital marketing skills, but I also wanted to learn more about conservation. I am really interested in travel (despite not having had much opportunity to do so so far), and conservation is more relevant now than ever. Frontier was a place that combined my world interests with my career interests. I have truly learnt so much about conservation and know this will stay with me.


What are your duties?

I am social media lead for Frontier, so I manage Frontier’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. My daily tasks are graphics creation, video content creation and scheduling social media content with the use of Canva, Photoshop, InDesign and Later. I also track how our campaigns are doing by utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google analytics. 


What does the future hold? 

I am due to start my master’s in digital marketing in Birmingham University in 2020 and wish to continue within the digital marketing field from there.


Who would you recommend this internship to?

Anyone and everyone who wishes to expand their skills and knowledge in their field and who wants to know more about our environment and how to do their part.