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My Little Pony: a Tricky Trek!

24 Sep 2019 11:40 AM


At the weekend my three friends and I went to Rancho Piro for horse riding. The day didn’t start off too well as we were using the Collectivo bus to get there, and after some very heavy rainfall from the previous night, we were worried that the bus might not make it. We sat in the bus stop waiting and waiting... but after a good half an hour, Mario finally turned up. The bus had broken down at the beach and they only managed to get it started again after other people had helped give the bus a push! Finally, we were on our way, wondering how the day was going to go…

When we arrived at the ranch we met our guide, who was lovely; and despite only speaking a little English, we managed to communicate well. He led us to the meet the horses, who were raring to go. The other three girls were shown their horses and led to the steps to mount, which were all set up for them. I was then shown my horse. The guide led him over and the only words he said were: ‘little horse’. And, sure enough, it was a very little horse. I am nearly 6 foot tall, so I could see how this was going to go. He led the horse to me and didn’t even offer me the steps as he could see that I could just easily mount. Then off we went!

We started the trek going straight through the river. This was fun; however, because of how short my horse was and how long my legs are, my feet just dragged through the river. We then started to trek through the jungle. Due to the rain the previous night, the path was extremely muddy, like a swamp, and the horses were slipping everywhere. I could see the others looking a bit weary as well as me. But I just told myself that the horses were used to it, and hoped for the best.

When we finally made it out of the jungle we came onto the beach. This walk was a lot nicer and more enjoyable. After we were on the beach for a while the guide took us to a spot at the side where we could give the horses a rest. He then led us to a waterfall behind the beach into the jungle. It was really pretty and he said we could swim in it, but we didn’t really fancy it!

Once we were back with the horses, we enjoyed some fresh coconuts and coconut water which our guide had prepared for us. Then we began our journey back across the beach. I trailed behind the rest of the group as my horse couldn’t keep up with the rest because of his little legs. If you can imagine a pregnant Mary riding the donkey to Bethlehem…!

When we started to walk back through the jungle, he led us a different way to which we came. This way was extremely muddy and the guide had to keep cutting down branches out of the way so we could get through. Once again, when we walked back through the river I got soaked.

We finally made it back to the ranch and we prepared some food which we had brought with us in the little kitchen, all laughing at the state I was in and referring to my poor horse as ‘my little pony’. All in all I enjoyed the experience and I am glad we did it, but next time I’m gonna need a bigger horse!

By Brogan - Frontier Costa Rica Volunteer

Frontier runs terrestrial & marine conservationcommunityteaching and adventure projects in over 50 countries - join us and explore the world!