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The Gap Year Blog

Online Journalism Intern- Laura Smith

7 Aug 2019 12:50 PM

Having completed her BA in English Literature at Oxford University, Laura Smith, 20, joined the Frontier team in July 2019. Passionate about travel and the opportunity it brings for creative storytelling, Laura is Marketing’s resident Online Journalism Intern.

What is your background?

Coming out of three years of university, I was keen to try something a little different from academia. At Uni, I loved getting involved in student journalism and local social enterprises; the opportunity to combine the two and write for the Frontier ‘Into the Wild’ blog was ideal!

Why did you choose Frontier?

Frontier is my first ever internship! It seemed like the perfect combination of my desire to work in the NGO sector and my inclination to get some editorial experience. I love writing and editing, but it feels good to know that my work is having an impact outside of a corporate sphere. I am also a keen traveller, and so the opportunity the internship affords for future travel opportunities- like becoming a communications officer overseas- is really exciting.

What are your duties?

I create and manage all the content on Frontier’s blog- an ever-varying task. From writing think pieces, assisting with Press Officer duties, and curating the media output from all of our projects- I’ve definitely been kept on my toes!

What interests you within the conservation field?

My personal area of interest is sustainable living, and I love documenting the kind of important travel, lifestyle, beauty and dietary swaps we can make with negligible personal sacrifice. I’m also fascinated by the ethics of sustainable travel. In terms of Frontier’s projects, I’m eyeing up the South America Ethical Adventure Trail for myself- to force myself to (finally) learn some Spanish and get to see Macchu Picchu whilst being a good eco-tourist!

What does the future hold?

I’m currently learning Spanish- I’m planning a long-awaited gap year across South America next year. I don’t feel like I’m done with education yet- a Masters may be on the horizon, but my time here has given me a lifelong interest in the ethics of conservation.

Who would you recommend this internship to?

Anyone looking to gain experience in media, journalism or publishing- all notoriously difficult sectors to break into. I was able to hone my editorial skills, whilst gaining valuable experience in PR and digital marketing, all in a super friendly and supportive workplace.