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Ecuador Medical: Volunteer Stories

6 Aug 2019 12:05 PM

Ecuador is a pocket-sized slice of beautiful South America. Despite its diminutive size, it is bursting with vibrant culture, mesmerising landscapes, exotic tropical wildlife and pristine habitats. Including the all-consuming emerald rainforests of the Amazon, it is rich in rare and endangered species. 

Quito, Ecuador's picture-perfect capital painted in pastel colours, alive with cafés, clubs, bars, churches and museums. Markets where friendly locals sell their wares are surrounded by the hustle and bustle of traditional street life. In contrast, the peaceful and serene Andes provide a home for indigenous mountain communities and enigmatic mountain creatures alike. This captivating country contains a culture that is expressed in an abundance of wholesome and delicious cuisine, diverse musical forms and colourful festivals that will enliven your senses. Whilst it is South America's tiniest country, it has everything you could possibly want, including stretches of white sand beaches, expansive plains, steamy jungles and spectacular mountains. 

If you've ever fancied yourself as a doctor- the Ecuador Medical Internship could be the perfect opportunity to explore this amazing country! Here's what our incredible volunteers had to say:

‘This project has inspired me to go to Medical School and become a doctor. I want to dedicate my life to give back to the people of this world. I felt a pure, raw happiness working and connecting with the patients of the clinic’. Hannah Feisbler

'This sort of experience is exactly what I was looking for. The experience has been great at the clinic, and I will be assisting one of the resident interns in her emergency room shift! The weekends have also been good- I've been able to explore in my free time " Jay Bhatia

'Upon completion of my degree in medicine I hope to go into a career as a medical aid worker. This experience has definitely helped to reaffirm my career goals. It was very hard work, there were long hours, and I had to take in a lot of information, but then a career in medicine isn’t for people who want to take the easy option in life and I fully recommend doing a medical internship in Ecuador for anyone who wants to work in a medical role in a developing country'- Greg 

If you've got the determination, the enthusiasm and the right inclincation- you could gain an amazing hands on experience of Ecuadorian healthcare!