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Ode To A Turtle Hatchery

1 Aug 2019 16:10 PM


Four different species of sea turtles can be found on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, the Olive Ridley, Green, Hawksbill and Leatherback. The aim of our conservation project is to help protect and preserve some of the few natural nesting sites of these turtles that do not hold an official category of protection from the Costa Rican government.

More importantly, however, this project provided creative inspiration for one of our project volunteers- who produced this fabulous poem: take it away Sophie!

Ode To A Turtle Hatchery

This is my story about the journey of sand
From the edge of the ocean to the turtle nesting land.
The species of turtles are the Olive, Ridley and Green
For their survival we had to make the sand clean!
We sifted the sand through a fine metal sieve
To remove impurities and help our hatchlings live.
The work was tiring in the blazing sun
But we kept spirits high to get the job done.
The sifted sand was then shovelled into a wheelbarrow
And emptied in a place with more love than Cupid’s Arrow.
Our sand in the hatchery began to pile high
Where it dried out in the sun from the glorious clear sky.
We had to level the sand using our feet,
Luckily out of the sun we were covered by a sheet.
We were rewarded with a delicious lunch
Fed to us off leaves we were eager to munch
We were straight back to work after the break
Shovelling more sand and bamboo cages we did make.
These are used for protection on the beach
To stop the dogs from coming into reach
The eggs in the hatchery have a higher success rate
Than those on the beach- which may not have the same fate
Despite our hard work we were not quite done
The next day we came for more shovelling in the hot sun
The other tasks to complete were building walls and a roof
Before the season comes where our hatchery will be put to truth!

By Sophie Lawrence - Frontier Climate Change Project Volunteer

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