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Teaching at the New Life School in Siem Reap

7 Jun 2019 11:15 AM

As part of our trip, we took part in a two-week placement teaching at the New Life School in Siem Reap. It was only small, but it was full of energy and children who were very eager to learn and engage with us. The tuk tuk ride to the school, however, wasn’t as luxurious especially when it torrentially poured down with rain halfway through the hour-long journey. 

We were in control of what topics we wanted to teach the kids as long as they followed the subject structure for each day.

Monday and Friday were English. I taught adjectives and descriptions of yourself and food on these days. I used a range of interactive games and activities as well as making sure they completed some written work.

On Tuesday and Thursday, it was Maths, which I’ll admit isn’t my strongest subject, so this was also a challenge for me! The range of numbers differed from each class so some of us taught kids who could count to 50 and some could count up to 200 so we had to adapt the children’s abilities.

On Wednesday it was Art, so I taught the topic of nature and got the children to design and colour in leaves I’d made to stick onto a badly drawn tree I’d created on the board. It worked really well, and it was a really fun day overall.

My favourite however was the last day because it poured down with rain to the point where teaching was no longer an option as the kids loved the rain and it made them cold. As the water started to pour into the classroom all the kids were equipped with brooms made of twigs and started to brush the water out the room. It was quite funny to watch all the kids playing around in the rain but after 20 minutes we had to try and gain back some control.

Equally on our last day we were presented with certificates and drawings from the children as presents which was the loveliest gesture and made us feel very appreciated. As we left the children bombarded us with hugs and high fives as we left what had been an amazing two weeks.

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