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Travel trends to look out for in 2019

4 Feb 2019 16:20 PM

Photo Credit: flickr

Edited with Permission by Frontier


New Year inevitably means a new outlook. Not only in terms of resolutions, but also the planet. In this changing world you need to keep your eyes open, especially regarding travel.

As a young traveller, you probably don’t have much of a budget. So these time outs away from normal life are precious, and should be carefully considered. 

The latest travel trends are always bound to intrigue and surprise. If you’re thinking of taking a trip this year, then our guide is the perfect point to start planning your journey…


5. Shorter breaks

Rather than piling all your resources into one epic trip, have you thought about taking shorter breaks? This is a new trend referred to as “mini vacations” or “micro trips”.

Here’s the thing. Whatever you want to call them they can work out better than a big designated chunk of time, where you might not even enjoy yourself. 

This way you can have several holidays a year. But they don’t have to be expensive! It also means you can take financial stock rather than paying out all in one go.

That flexibility could result in more adventurous roaming. Plus if money becomes really tight, and you only manage one micro trip, at least you’ll have tried something different. 

Photo Credit: flickr

4. Beijing Airport

All eyes will be on Beijing in the run up to Autumn, and the completion of their new Daxing International Airport. This is billed as the biggest airport on the planet.

Here’s the best part. The new development will broaden travel options, not just for travellers exploring Beijing but also those wanting to get across China quicker.

And with the country’s mix of ancient attractions such as the Great Wall, plus sights like the Olympic Park, that means Beiing will definitely be on trend.

Whether this means lower prices remains to be seen, and it isn’t the most environmentally-friendly option. For speed and convenience though, it’s a major boost.


3. Sustainable travel 

If joining the hubbub at Daxing International doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, then you’re not alone. Travellers are beginning to reject traditional approaches.

Go for the green. Ditching convention is particularly noticeable with sustainable holidays, where customers want an experience that doesn’t (literally) cost the Earth.

People are keeping a close eye, not just on eco-friendly accommodation but on the companies providing the packages. This should naturally increase in 2019. 

With footage of plastic clogging up the oceans and disposable culture highlighted in the media, it was only a matter of time before travellers took serious notice.


2. Let’s go to Yorkshire

The most in-demand destinations aren’t always the hottest and most exotic. This year the proud county of Yorkshire is set to welcome increased tourism.

This is surprising. National Geographic has placed West Yorkshire on its Cool List for 2019. And the area plans to take full advantage of the added interest.

A major sculpture exhibition has fuelled this coverage - the Yorkshire Sculpture International takes place between June and September.

The event will be a big draw for art lovers, with the region’s unique culture and cutting edge innovations also proving popular with visitors.  

Don’t forget to get your 16-25 Railcard when travelling by train in the UK – it saves you up to a third off journeys!

Photo Credit: flickr

1. Brexit biteback

Not all travel trends for 2019 will be positive ones. The recent upheaval in European relations has caused anxiety for those looking to cross national borders.

Now, the end of March will finally see Brexit getting off the ground, or crashing out depending on your view. Travellers have conflicting info regarding the departure. 

A key consideration is to avoid Euro travel in that month. There’s a slight possibility you could wind up out on a limb while local bureaucracy adjusts.

Unfortunately Brexit is just one of those things that will get sorted out at the last minute. A worrying trend, but a trend nonetheless! For further information, read here


By Sylvia Nankivell - Student Money Saver

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