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Your next 2019 gap year destination should be HERE

2 Jan 2019 12:00 PM

Photo Credit: Frontier

Got the travel bug? Here at Frontier gap years, community development, sustainable research and even adventure is right at the heart of what we think makes a worthwhile travel. Whether you’re a nature explorer or adrenaline junkie, we’ve found something for everyone. Here’s our list of the best gap year destinations for the new year. 

Costa Rica

Known as an up-and-coming leading country for travelling, Costa Rica has a rich environment as well as being a beachy paradise. Many people fly straight to San Jose - the country’s capital - and then disperse off into the depths of the islands and environmental expeditions. With a vast landscape of national parks (making up over 25% of the country), you could find yourself in volcanoes and rainforests, and mingling with the biodiversity such as turtles, big cats and primates. Get up close with this wildlife and become a part of Costa Rica’s cultural development by volunteering in the country and get all around the best new travel destination!


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Sri Lanka

Deemed the worlds best country to go to in 2019, Sri Lanka has become a haven for gap year travellers. As well as the beautiful lands of rice fields, spiritual retreats and national parks, there has been a surprising surge of the surfing community out in the Asian country. With big waves and humid temperatures, this is the best place to explore for the adventurer as well as hitting the nature spots for environmentalists. 

South East Asia

Speaking of Asia, the area around Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand is a hit for any culture explorer. Visit divine temples as well as many bays to get a full experience into this Asian history. Many people go in this direction to island hop in places like Phuket or Guimaras and get an experience of the beach parties and meet other travellers. If you want to see all the sights head on a South East Asia Trail with a big group and see what makes this culture so beautiful.


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Australia & Pacific

Including the massive location of Australia and hitting the sights of Fiji and New Zealand, this area is perfect to venture on a gap year. You’ll need a lot of time to explore everywhere, but with a whole year in your pocket it’s one of the best places to start. With the obvious outback of Australia as well as its golden beaches, the mellow vibes and social parties bring a lot of young people. Fiji has a vastity of romantic getaways and not forgetting the vibrant wildlife of coral gardens and so is perfect for a remote respite. New Zealand offers a magnitude of options, from the Māori culture to adrenaline packed surfing and skiing, as well as mountainous landscapes to explore. Wherever you choose, Australasia has something for everyone. 


A coastline of the Caribbean sea and a land just along Central America, Belize is perfect for the avid diver and conservation projects. Jump onto many marine experiences or search out community development projects to see the country at its best. The Mayan culture is a sight to see with many archaeological sites as well as cultural points to search out. Something for the cultural traveller. 



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This beautiful area in Africa has an extensive variety of marine life, wildlife and ecosystems to explore. Those who love to bathe in nature should make their way to Madagascar to see the array of species and jungles to explore. Don’t forget to stop off at the beautiful beaches and island hop a little bit to see the most of Madagascar.

By Caitlin Casey - Online Journalism Intern

Frontier runs terrestrial & marine conservation, community, teaching and adventure projects in over 50 countries - join us and explore the world!