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The Gap Year Blog

Week Three - By Trail Leader Joƫlle

22 May 2018 11:15 AM

Hi all,

We started the week off by travelling from our hostel in Kanchanaburi to the train station in Bangkok. Here we played a couple of card games such as Go Fish, whilst waiting for our bus leaving at 7pm. 

The next morning, we were on a ferry to Koh Tao. Koh Tao (or Turtle Island – according to legend it is shaped like a turtle) is an island known for its tropical coral reefs. It has great snorkeling and diving spots where animals such as whale sharks, rays and turtles can be found. Here, we stayed in a hostel called Earth House, which provides single traditional Thai bungalows. We stayed in such a sweet and lovely little house. 

Our bungalow

We spend the afternoon and the next day at Sairee beach. About 30m from the shore, there was an amazing coral reef which was ideal for snorkeling. Also, there were a ton of restaurants, bars and shops which provided fun for each of the volunteers. 

The following day, we visited Koh Nuan Yang. This is a pair of little islands connected by a narrow strip of white sandy beach. It offers a 15 mile hike up to the peak where you can take a picture from a bird’s eye perspective – it was a pretty amazing view. Also, you are able to enjoy a refreshing drink from the beach bar, and snorkel and swim in the shallow waters offshore. We spotted a couple of sea cucumbers, barracudas and damselfish. We had hoped to sea a turtle but were sadly unlucky. 

Shark Bay

The next day we decided to head to Shark Bay. It was a surprisingly tough hike getting there and it was a bit of a disappointment, however we had a fun walk and managed to make the best of it. 

We took a taxi boat back to our own beach, Sairee beach, and spent the rest of the day doing some shopping and enjoying a fruit shake at a restaurant while watching the sun set, before heading to dinner. Some of the volunteers decided to go for a night out while others went to visit a Muay Thai boxing game. 

The following day we travelled from Khoh Tao to Koh Pha ‘Ngan, where we stay at Coral Bungalows. They are located right next to the beach and have a massive pool. Many of us enjoyed the afternoon by the pool or the sea, and we watched a wonderful sunset while enjoying our dinner. 

Coral Bungalows

On Sunday we spend another day relaxing, while heading out to the town in the afternoon. Some volunteers are going to the half-moon party. Next week you will find out if they enjoyed it, but I assume they will.

See you soon,

Joëlle Glerum – Trail Leader | South East Asia Ethical Adventure Trail

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