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It’s not all about Nosy Be

22 May 2018 10:05 AM

Here on Nosy Be, we are lucky enough to be in a very central location for easy travel to other islands, the mainland and attractions on the island itself. 

On Nosy Be, you can find beautiful beach resorts if you want to relax and spoil yourself for the weekend (all for what seems like a ridiculously cheap price when compared to prices in the Western world!). You can find wildlife parks and plantations that have different species of lemurs, giant tortoises, ylang ylang and vanilla plantations, and weird and wonderful plants of all shapes and sizes! 

You can also experience some Malagasy traditions in the many parades and celebrations that are always taking place in town, and in the small village next to the Frontier beach camp – for example you can visit the Sacred Tree in Hellville, and in Ambalahonko we are honoured to be invited to their yearly ceremony where they clean their Sacred Tree and rebuild the fences for it, with lots of singing and dancing included! 

A nearby island, just across the Vorona Strait from Beach Camp, is Nosy Komba – which means Lemur Island! Here you can visit the Lemur Park, which also has giant tortoises, tree boas and chameleons abound. There is also a hike to the peak of Komba which stands at 622m above sea level and provides a gorgeous view of the island and surroundings. 

There are also a great many wonderful hotels and restaurants on Komba, and we are lucky to have a close relationship with many of these and get a discount off rooms and food! We also frequently run trips to Nosy Tanikely (Turtle Island) - a nearby marine protected area and reserve. Here, volunteers can either snorkel or dive to see the fantastic coral formations and schools of fish that are unlike those at any other location near to us. Tanikely also has a resident troop of lemurs that are always close by, and a lighthouse that you can climb to get a beautiful view of the area. 

Awena Sangster – Dive Officer | Madagascar Marine Conservation

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