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The Gap Year Blog

Daniel's First Week

22 May 2018 13:15 PM

I am so far enjoying my time on Mafia. I can see that not much has changed on camp since I was here two years ago with the exception that there is now some electricity!

The diving has been really good and I have enjoyed doing the invert surveys. My fish identification is improving and it is great to be able to recognise the various species and learn about all of the different types of fish. It is interesting to see the variety of colours that the fish have and all of their different shapes. 

The snorkelling and sea grass surveys are enjoyable too and easy to do as they are close to the shore. Both of these surveys are new since I was last on Mafia two years ago, so it’s great to try something different. The camp life is a little quieter than my last visit, but still enjoyable.  

By Daniel – Frontier Volunteer | Tanzania Marine Conservation

Frontier runs terrestrial & marine conservation, community, teaching and adventure projects in over 50 countries - join us and explore the world!