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Sumidero Canyon: Caves, Crevices and Crazy Wildlife

18 May 2018 16:25 PM

We’ve been in Central America for almost two weeks now and time is flying by. We’ve made our way down through Mexico into Guatemala and done so much already that it feels almost unreal to think of everywhere we’ve been in such a short amount of time. 

So far one of my favorite things has been the Canyon Tour in San Cristóbal De Las Casas. The whole group woke up, had breakfast and hopped onto a bus to the Canyon first thing in the morning. After about an hour driving through the mountains we arrived and boarded a small yellow boat. 

What I thought would be a slow paced tour through the Canyon turned out to be a two hour long high speed boat ride where we parked occasionally to learn about what we were seeing and to check out some of the wildlife. As well as seeing two crocodiles and some spider monkeys, the boat ride and views of the Canyon were so fantastic that I didn’t need to speak fluent Spanish to get a lot out of the experience. 

The view from our boat

After the boat dropped us off we got back onto our bus, which made a stop at a market about halfway back to the hostel. All I bought that day was ice cream but looking around the markets at all of the beautiful, colourful things has been something I’ve come to really enjoy on this trip. 

All in all, there hasn’t been a single thing I haven’t really enjoyed so far on the trail. From eating delicious street food to sliding down rocks in a pitch black cave I’ve experienced things here that I never could have back in the US.

I’m already looking back on the memories I’ve made and looking forward to those to come.

By Maggie Lager – Frontier Volunteer | Central America Ethical Adventure Trail

Frontier runs terrestrial & marine conservation, community, teaching and adventure projects in over 50 countries - join us and explore the world!