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Returning To Mafia - Into The Wild Blog - Frontier

10 May 2018 14:15 PM

I have enjoyed my time on Mafia once again. The diving has been thoroughly enjoyable and I have enjoyed learning the fish species as well as carrying out the invertebrate surveys. 

The snorkelling and mangrove surveys have been very enjoyable – these are both new to me as I didn’t do these on my previous visit. The weather has been both good and bad, but that’s normal and to be expected at this time of year. 

There is such a variety and diversity of both fish life and coral on the dive surveys, and I have become more confident in identifying the species. It always amazes me the abundance of colours in the fish, invertebrates, and coral life. 

I am also glad to have taken part in the beach clean with Mafia Island Marine Park, and I believe that they are doing a good job of trying to keep the park as clean of rubbish as possible. 

By Daniel – Frontier Volunteer | Tanzania Marine Conservation & Diving

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