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The Gap Year Blog

From Tenerife To Fiji

3 Jan 2018 12:05 PM

I went to Tenerife to do whale and dolphin conservation in July of 2017. From the second I landed I had a smile glued to my face, as I knew I was in for a treat but I never really knew how amazing the next three weeks of my life would be. I was met at the airport by a member of staff from frontier and me with a few others on the same plane were taken to the camp, everyone was so lovely and welcoming straight away.

There were people from all over the planet! England, Germany, America, Hungry, Australia, Italy and so many others, it was so inspiring to see people from all over the planet come together for a single cause.

My first time on a boat in Tenerife was a feeling I will never forget, the anticipation of seeing my first ever whale or dolphin in the wild, all while being on a calm flat sea and the sun shining. The whales are so amazing, my favourite thing about them was their sheer size, their huge! Yet they’re so peaceful and relaxed around us.


On other days where we weren’t on boats groups of us would do beach cleans, helping reduce the amount of waste and plastic going to the ocean, myself and two others managed to find an abandoned sofa on the rocks at the waters edge!

At night when everyone is back to the house is when it really comes alive, it honestly feels like one big family as everyone is so lovely and willing to help with any situation, at dinner all 40 of us sat in the common room spread out everywhere discussing what we done that day, finding out about other people’s life stories or just general chit chat, that was my overall favourite part of the trip, the people. Finding out about everyone’s different reasons for coming to Tenerife, why they love the sea and about the country they’re from.

My most memorable experience of my trip was one of the boat days where we went out to record some dolphin and whales and ended up being in the middle of about 50 dolphin all jumping around us and swimming round along side the boat. That day I did not stop smiling ever since I saw the first dolphin. I still regularly keep in contact with the friends I made in Tenerife as they are now friends for life.

I loved my time in Tenerife with frontier so much when I got back to England I applied to be a Frontier ambassador so I could help spread the word of frontier and to help educate others of the fragility of this planet blue heart. I’m now planning my next trip with frontier to Fiji to undertake shark conservation.

By Max Kimble - Frontier Ambassador

Frontier runs terrestrial & marine conservation, community, teaching and adventure projects in over 50 countries - join us and explore the world!