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5 Most Cost Effective Ways To Travel

9 Nov 2017 12:45 PM

Many people consider travel to be very costly, but it doesn’t have to be this way! There are many tricks and tips you can follow to make travel much cheaper.  These changes to the way you travel may not only save you money, but might also lead to new and exciting experiences!

1. Travel in low season

Travelling during peak times, such as during school summer holidays will make every aspect of travel more expensive, from flights to accommodation. However, if you choose to travel outside of these busiest times you will cut your costs significantly and you won’t have to battle your way through crowds of other tourists, win-win! On top of this, always be sure to use comparison sites when booking your flights and accommodation in order to ensure you’re getting the best value for money!

2. Work for your holiday

There are various websites out there dedicated to swapping labour, mainly on farms for accommodation and food. This usually involves working no more than 4 hours a day, with the rest of your time left free to explore the local area. This kind of holiday can be both fun and rewarding, as you know you’re helping others by lending a hand on their farm. Organisations that offer this kind of experience include WWOOF and you are able to travel to almost anywhere in the world!

Photo Credit: flickr | andrew leddy

3. Travel in a group

Travelling with lots of friends is not only fun, but it can also save you money on accommodation. If you travel with a large group of people and opt to share accommodation, such as a house or apartment the cost is split between you. It often works out that the more people you travel with, the cheaper it gets. So why not get a group together and rent accommodation as a unit, you can also save money this way by having a group fund for food and taking it in turns to cook meals!

4. Road trip

A fantastic way of cutting costs while travelling is to rent a campervan and travel around a specific country or area. If you want to see lots of different places all in one trip and have a driving license, this is a perfect option for you. Campervan hire can cost as little as £19 per day and that includes all of your transport and accommodation in one! Obviously you will also require fuel, which costs a little extra, but this is still much cheaper than staying in hotels in each destination, plus you get a great sense of freedom with this style of travel!

Photo credit: flickr | Shawn Harquail

5. Stay in Hostels

If staying in hotels every time you go away is breaking the bank, why not consider staying in hostels? Shared rooms are obviously much cheaper than private rooms and the more people you share with, the cheaper it gets! This might sound a bit daunting and potentially irritating, but as long as you travel with an open mind and are friendly to your roommates, you will almost definitely make some new friends. This is a very social way to travel and there’s no chance of getting bored!

Photo Credit: Pixabay | sabrinayrafa

So there you have it, 5 ways to explore the world on a budget! You can apply these money saving ideas to travelling any part of the world. These options don’t have to be a compromise, travel with an open mind and view these trips as a new experience and you will end up with incredible memories!

By Gabrielle Brooks - Online Journalism Intern 

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