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From Volunteer To Staff Member - Into The Wild Blog - Frontier

4 Oct 2017 15:05 PM

I first joined Frontier as a volunteer in early October 2016. At the time I was studying Exotic Animal Management and was required to complete 300 hours of work experience in an animal based sector, and I tell you what, the 133 hours I gained from frontier was some of the best life experience I have ever had. I still remember the first time I saw a 7 metre Pilot Whale JUMP just a few metres from the great boat of Eden, and feeling like I was making a difference by doing the science and education the public helped me conclude what I wanted to do with my life. Travel the world, see many great animals in the wild as they should be and help conserve them.

To top it all off, I had the great privilege of being asked to come back here as STAFF! I still can’t quite believe that out of the possible 100 or so candidates I was offered a summer position here in 2017. It’s fantastic seeing these cetaceans again. I think they recognised me. A new addition to the fun activities we do is community, although it’s satisfying to know the science will in the future be used for great things, community gives me instant gratification for our hard work. Especially when I see the local people thank us and even want to join in!

A couple other things I love about being staff is seeing other volunteers pull the same faces and take the same gasps of astonishment when they see the cetaceans for the first time, as I did a year before. But what is great about this is when someone tells me that they had a great time and want to pursue the same kind of job in the future.

By Kieran Munns - Tenerife Assistant Research Officer

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