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5 Cool Travel Careers

25 Sep 2017 14:10 PM

If travelling is one of your passions in life you might be wondering how you could turn it into a career and potentially make it a lifestyle. There are many careers out there that allow you to travel the world; here we talk you through 5 of the best!

1. Photographer

Whether it’s photojournalism, travel photography or wildlife photography, shooting your surroundings can be a fantastic way to travel the world. All of these careers are competitive and only a select few make it as top photographers, however if you have a passion and an eye for a great shot then it can be an option. Photographers get to travel to all kinds of incredible destinations and see things that others could only dream of. The best way to make your way into this career is to get a relevant degree and build up a strong portfolio of your best work.

Flickr | Nathan Rupert

2. Diving instructor

Do you love the idea of spending your days working in tropical locations, taking in beautiful beaches and coral reefs bustling with marine life? If the answer is yes then a career as a diving instructor might be for you. Obviously this isn’t something you can dive right into (sorry), you will need to go through training yourself and earn the necessary qualifications, such as the PADI Divemaster. However, the hard work does pay off in this career, once qualified you can lead groups on diving tours and see beautiful underwater environments and diverse wildlife every working day.

Flickr | behinddalenes

3. Travel writer

Travel writers can work for some well-known publications providing first hand accounts of many of the world’s most exotic destinations, again this field can be quite competitive and difficult to break into. However, in the modern world of social media it is becoming increasingly easy to make your voice heard. Some people are now turning to blogging as a full-time job, and travel blogs are becoming more and more popular, as it can be the ultimate form of virtual escapism for followers. If you can make it as a successful travel blogger, companies will even pay you to go on holiday and write about your experiences, talk about living the dream!

Flickr | waferboard

4. Teaching English

Earning a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification can be a key to opening so many travel opportunities. This qualification allows you to work practically anywhere in the world teaching English. Teaching can be an extremely rewarding job, seeing students improve their skills, as a result of your guidance can be amazing. When teaching English abroad you can often have your accommodation and travel paid for by the companies you work for, which is definitely a perk of the job! So if you want to help and inspire others, whilst taking in diverse cultures, this job might just be for you.

5. Tour guide

Probably one of the more obvious choices for a job that includes travel, however being a tour guide can take you to some amazing places! The opportunities in this job are almost endless; you could lead groups through the streets of the world’s capital cities, becoming an expert on the local history and culture. Alternatively you could throw yourself into something a little more adventurous, such as leading people on trekking expeditions through jungles. You will need excellent people skills for this job and speaking two or more languages is always a useful skill in any job where you are working with tourists.

Flickr | Daveynin

So if the idea of packing your bags and making money in an exotic location appeals to you, perhaps one of these careers might appeal to you. Just remember that it’s important to do your research before committing to any of these career paths. Some of these jobs are extremely competitive and require a lot of hard work and determination to become successful, but if travel is your passion then it can definitely be worth it!

By Gabrielle Brooks - Online Journalism Intern

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