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5 things to do on a long Flight

28 Jul 2017 14:50 PM

Buzzing for your next trip abroad but can’t bear to think about that dreaded long-haul flight? Do not fear - most people are in the same position! Read our top tips for keeping busy on long aeroplane journeys:


Meditation is vital to resetting the mind and body back to baseline and taking time for self-care. All it involves is silence, stillness and deep breathing! Regardless of the occasion for your travels – a new project, competition or simply a holiday – sometimes getting the right mind-set is needed before embarking on your journey. Quite often your flight time is spent without the internet, social media and TV connection, which leaves you very bored, very quickly. Though spontaneous, meditation is vital to centre your mind during busy and stressful travel periods. Whether it's for two minutes or an hour, take some time out of your flight time to reflect, meditate and self-care!


Photo Credit: flickr | Tina Leggio

Books and Games

Often the demands of working life doesn’t allow for pastimes like reading and word games but an 8 hour flight could be the ideal place to enjoy your favourite novel! Travel with a book and you’ll fall in love with literature again – guaranteed. Alternatively, you could travel with a puzzlebook and complete crosswords, Sudoku or wordsearches to keep occupied! Sitting idle is never a productive use of time and completing short word or numerical puzzles can be extremely beneficial for your brain cells.

Make a Friend

If you’re travelling alone, you’ll find yourself seated next to strangers – so why not make a friend? Don’t limit your conversation to the air hostesses serving you food (this if both brief and repetitious) but strike up conversation with your neighbours! Simply begin with a friendly smile or introduction to break the ice and you’ll both be comfortable enough to continue conversing later. Getting to know your fellow passengers is great for networking or simply making new friends – you never know who you might meet! 


Photo Credit: flickr | Hamza ButtIn

Flight Entertainment

Depending on your airline, you may have the most extensive compilation of films, television and music at your fingertips! From Oscar nominees to old cinematic classics, never miss an opportunity to catch up with recent film releases during your flight! Missed a recent blockbuster? In-flight entertainment is typically updated on a monthly basis so you can watch films that only recently left the cinemas. Use your flight time to get up-to-date with pop culture!

Travel journal

Whether this is your first time abroad or whether you’re a seasoned traveller, keeping a travel journal and a record of your time abroad is a great hobby. Collect ticket stubs, capture amazing photos and create a collage of your memories in the form of a diary! Travelling is a memory to be cherished forever and your flight time can serve as an opportunity to update your travel journal without the fear of missing out.


Photo Credit: flickr | Rolly Magpayo

These were 5 alternative ways to drive out boredom and keep the brain active during long-haul flights! Aside from those listed, you could probably sleep, eat or walk around the plane to pass time – but those are merely generic ideas… Do you have any suggestions? Let us know!

By Anaka Nair - Online Journalism Intern

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