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Time Flies When You're Having Fun

25 Apr 2017 14:50 PM

Ten days have passed from my last blog and I cannot even believe it, time flies when you are having fun! Looking back at this period, I cannot believe all we have managed to do in just seven days.

After the adrenaline and immense beauty of Semuc Champey we were dropped right in the middle of another sort of adrenaline rush, the religious one, and we had to cross the city of Antigua with our backpacks to reach our hostel, through the mystical excitement of the crowd following the endless, dark processions of Easter Saturday.

The roads filled with the smell and smoke of incense, women and men dressed in mourning black, huge statues of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and countless saints being brought on people’s shoulder over carpets of fresh flowers arranged in intricate patterns. There in Antigua is where we tasted the most delicious chocolate, in all its forms, shopped till we dropped and hiked the Pakaya volcano under a hail storm, which did not deter us from roasting some marshmallows on the hot lava stones.

Photo credit | Frontier

San Pedro la Laguna on Lake Atitlan welcomed us with freezing cold weather, but event that did not stop us from riding the waters on kayaks, jet-skys or lanchas (small boats) to visit other villages. And on our last day we forced our lazy nature by waking up for a 5am hike on the Indian Nose to see the sunset over the lake which unfortunately we did not manage to see due to heavy clouds, but even the clouds around the several volcanoes and the views over the lake were quite a show.

Then we crossed the border and got to Copan in Honduras, where at the ruins we got to know some more Mayan ancient culture and have close encounters with some of the most respected residents: the scarlet macaws.

It was just a short stop on our way to La Ceiba, on the coast, where we just arrived, ready to lend some helping hands to the local community for a few days.

Find out more about the Central America Trail Project. 

By Simona Duranti - Central America Trail Leader

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