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My Time In Caye Caulker - Into The Wild Blog - Frontier

19 Apr 2017 13:45 PM

My time here has been incredible to say the least. The people out here in Caye Caulker are very pleasent to be with and are from all parts of the world. It’s very easy to talk to people as the primary language out here is English. I’ve met one of the workers out here who I went to the same university as I want to go to (Plymouth) to study marine biology and oceanpgraphy which is likewise the same course I want to do. This I thought was fantastic as I was able to share some common interests about the course and was able to recieve some very valuable and relevent advice.

There are a massive amount of activities to do here such as jet skiing, kite/wind surfing, excursion trips to zip wire + caving, to see some of the World’s best dive sites such as the half moon reef, blue hole and sites in San Pedro where I completed my advanced open water. They arent too expensive for what it is really worth and what you actually see down there. Canooing and kayaking can take place for free! As there are free kayaks on the beach of Ko Ko bar on the north island which you can use and there is a kayak at camp. Although be careful not to fill the canoe with water which we did one day by falling out of it causing it to tip over in the middle of the sea. We found there was no way of getting the water out leaving us stranded. Oops!

Projects like these in my opinon give you a massive sense of achievement and appreciation for everything such as food which you will cook yourselves. There is no means of personal electricty to charge devices on camp which I kind of liked as no one was glued to their phones at any point which often happens in my generation. We played some fantastic board games and went to some incredible bars which I will nebver foget just because of how different the atmosphere and how the buildings were made and decorated inside and outcompared to the boring traditional bar in the U.K.

Volunteers can choose what types of food to eat however a range of different types of food were cooked. I’m not a particulary fussy eater but I tried some foods that I’d never seen before or would expect to try and most of the time I actually really liked them. The traditional Belizian food is delicious also.

I highly reccommend bringing long sleeve T-hirts/jackets and trousers of any kind as there are sandflies on the north island where camp is situated. The bites are small but itchy however your body stops reacting to them usually after about 2 weeks. I found that baby oil is the best way of preventing them biting. Don’t bother using mosquito repellent to protect yourself from them as you’ll be wasting it as they quite simply just don’t give a damn. I found them to be the only annoying thing on the whole time of being here, so take my advice on board!

I’ve had a one in a lifetime experience out here and have met some people I will be freinds with for my whole life. I’ve been given some incredible advice which will be unforgetable. I strongly recommend to carry out this project. Peace and love, Caye Caulker.

By Gregory Round - Belize Marine Conservation and Diving Volunteer

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