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Top 10 Travel Films

10 Dec 2016 14:05 PM

Travelling, everywhere, anywhere, every time, every day. Travelling is a passion, an engaging passion. Travelling to discover, to understand, to forget. Travelling to love, to abandon, to escape, to evolve. Travelling to dream, to be inspired, to change. Travelling, travelling, travelling.

... and then there is cinema - a special device. Consider a cinema theatre: the darkness surrounds you, the silence surrounds you, reproducing your inwardness. Once the silence is created you get into yourself. Now the device: the images and sounds replace your thoughts, and become the way to convey the film’s message. However the message is something exceeding the simple images. It is something that we can build. Sometimes, I would also say, we should build it. The construction is personal, subjective, so that every film represents something different for everybody. Here I would like to present some films suggesting messages strictly related with travels. What unites these films is that all of them strongly show a dimension of travelling. The message arrives and moves you. Then it’s up to you: are you satisfied with the journey you made through the film, or you will buy a ticket and leave to experience what you’d just witnessed for yourself?

Darjeeling limited

This film is pretty amazing. Ironic, different, sometimes idiot, sometimes intelligent and funny; it presents the North-West India through the story of three completely different brothers travelling to search for their mother and rebuild their lost family connection. I particularly like this movie because it represents a reflection on the travels’ value: can travels change your life or is it just a question of mind? Or, also, life is all one big journey and the changes we do represent the evolution, obtained facing up the difficulties of the track?

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Motorcycles Diaries

The young Che Guevara, his best friend - a motorbike, and the limitless lands of South America, come together in a trip that changes forever the destiny of the character with heavy political consequences. I like that the movie represents travel not just as an independent event, but as the preliminary event of what will be. The atmosphere is transporting, thrilling, and provocative. Do you have your motorbike licence?

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Cast Away

Surly, this is a very different way of “travelling”. Anyway the characters growth is still impressive, and is made possible by the memory of home. Here travel is an important and constructive interval between two moments of his usual life. Is that the same for you?

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Seven Years in Tibet

Politically committed, this film is both a civil condemnation and the representation of a travel lesson. Its message as well as cinematography is both impressive and inspiring.  

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Lost in Translation

The interesting dimension of Sophia Coppola’s masterpiece is, also, the ability of representing another travel dimension: the rhythm of life, when the cultural extraneousness is so big that it causes depression, and still so big that generates a silent, interior revolution.

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Into the Wild

In the name of freedom Christopher leaves everything, every time. He decides to live just with nature, into the wild. The movie shows the real beauty of a travelling life, but equally isn’t scared to point out some of its downsides.

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Everything is Illuminated

Another film, another dimension. How travelling can be the only way to rebuild a memory, that otherwise, if missing, would maintain and increase a neurosis, here represented by the mania of collection - truly illuminating.

The Beach

I love how this film describes the dangerous dimension of travelling, the inextinguishable desire of discovery. Sometimes it is impossible to stop. If you don’t rest, you get mad. Or maybe Leo got mad for Ko Phi Phi’s beauty...who really knows?!

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Slumdog Millionaire

This is a love story. When travels happen, they represent how life sometimes obliges the lovers to be kept at a distance. Yet, such is life, travel in the film simultaneously represents how love can triumph the distance.

Out of Africa

Kenya is the extraordinary canvas where the love story is represented. However the love story is shaped on the canvas, so it is the harmony of that love survives death in the peacefulness of the pure land.

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By Italo Marzotto - Online Journalism Intern

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