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Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering & Internships Abroad, Gap Years and Adventure Travel

Working for the last 3 decades, Frontier has redefined travelling abroad. We offer over 400 projects in 72 different countries around the globe and have been a leader in volunteer work abroad, internships, adventure travel & expeditions, gap year programmes and environmental conservation efforts. Everyone who joins a Frontier volunteering project is making a valuable contribution in becoming an active global citizen, committed to making a positive impact during their time volunteering abroad under the supervision & guidance of our dedicated and passionate staff.

Our projects run anywhere between 1 and 30 weeks. There are a whole variety of short volunteering trips, and cheap & affordable options for those with limited time or budget. We offer something to suit everyone.

Responsibility and sustainability, from conservation, education, research and exploration, our teaching and community volunteering to adventure travel and gap years, is the beating heart of what Frontier does. We have an established a legacy of forging our own path and ensuring that your volunteering abroad experience is as memorable and life-changing as possible.

Working all over the world in 72 countries our volunteers and Interns have contributed to sustained successes and meaningful impact on the countries we work in. Our projects are in exotic locations like:

Costa Rica

For a full range of locations and projects, please use the drop down menu in the top bar or use the links below. You can go on an adventure by yourself or we offer specially tailored group volunteering opportunities with friends & family. Contact us about our special group discounts.

You dream it and we will make it happen!

Get Involved! - Next Steps:

Apply Now: To apply for a project, or for more information, choose a project and click the "Apply Now" link at the bottom of the project description. One of our volunteer advisors will call you back to help you find the perfect placement abroad. If not sure, send us an open application and we will call you back to help.

Contact Us: Call us on (+44) 20 7613 2422 or email us info@frontier.ac.uk for detailed information, questions and guidance.

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